The Dark Tower #7: The Dark Tower Audiobook

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Book VII – The Dark Tower Audiobook Overview

The seventh and final installment of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower saga is perhaps the most anticipated book in the author’s long career. King began this epic tale about the last gunslinger in the world more than 20 years ago; now he draws its suspenseful story to a close, snapping together the last pieces of his action puzzle and drawing Roland Deschain ever closer to his ultimate goal.

And the tower awaits…


The Dark Tower Audiobook - the dark tower
The Dark Tower Audiobook – the dark tower

Book 7: The Dark Tower Audiobook is a fantasy audiobook by American writer Stephen King, the seventh audiobook and final audiobook in his Dark Tower series.

When it gets to the last book in a series there is very little left unsaid. I hold the Dark Tower Audiobook series in the very highest regard. Yes, I have slight reservations but when taken as a whole it is the magnum opus that its author, Stephen King, hoped it would be.

Over thirty years in the writing, it is a vast, sprawling tale of one man’s quest, some may say obsession, and the story is excellent, the characters that populate it amongst that special type that remains with the reader forever.

Plot Summary

The final volume sees gunslinger Roland on a roller-coaster mix of exhilarating triumph and aching loss in his unrelenting quest to reach the Dark Tower. Roland’s band of pilgrims remains united, though scattered. Susannah-Mia has been carried off to New York to give birth. Terrified of what may happen, Jake, Father Callahan, and Oy follow. Roland and Eddie are in Maine, looking for the site which will lead them to Susannah. As he finally closes in on the tower, Roland’s every step is shadowed by a terrible and sinister creation. And finally, he realizes, he may have to walk the last dark strait alone.

You’ve come this far. Come a little farther. Come all the way. The sound you hear may be the slamming of the door behind you. Welcome to The Dark Tower.

Audiobook Review

Written By: Stephen King
Narrated By: George Guidall
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Date: September 2004
Duration: 27 hours 0 minutes

Listening to the audio version of The Dark Tower brings the whole series alive. Having loved Roland for many years, and then Eddie, Jake, Susanna not to mention Oy, it was wonderful to hear them “talk” and come alive. Both narrators did a wonderful and unique job of telling the story of Roland, even SK himself did a fine job in book 4.5.

Narration wise I think it was excellent. It was a shame what happened to the original Narrator as he was superb. But George Guidall was excellent as well and the transition was easy enough to take.

All in all I will happily read other books by either Narrator. But would hesitate to pursue any further King novels that I have not read.

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