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“Sharing is at the heart of social life”

If you have a great audiobooks, why don’t you share them with other people? Together, we connect the world and make an audiobook lovers community.

Why to share?

1. We share to build oursefl

buildup It’s a quick and powerful way to influence how others see you (and even how you see yourself).

“You are what you share.” – Charles Leadbeater, We Think: The Power Of Mass Creativity

2. We share to feel good

feel-goodWhen you’ve just finished a great audiobook, you tell your friends about it. This helps you relive and revive the happy feelings you felt during this book.

On the flip side, if you’ve had a bad experience, you tell others as a coping mechanism to feel better and to fix injustice. Emotions are one of the key motivations for sharing.

3. We share to be shared

Yeah, You share and get more!

share-to-be-share4. We share to connect

We are motivated to share with the people in our lives to feel connected to them and to nurture our relationships. So today, we’re sharing to connect many audiobook lovers over the world, together!

connect5. We share to change the world!

Sharing gives us get a bigger and bigger power to love, to forgive, to persuade others and convince them to act. A power that can change the world!

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Now, let’s share! Leave your comment, contact me through fanpage or email to share audiobook with other audiobook lovers: