Star Fighter Charlie Audiobook – The Dragon Mage #5

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Star Fighter Charlie Audiobook Streaming Online

Star Fighter Charlie Audiobook

Star Fighter Charlie Audiobook is the fifth book in the Dragon Mage series, written by Scott Baron and narrated by Gary Bennett. The audiobook is 8 hours and 17 minutes long and falls under the Science Fiction & Fantasy genre.

With this book, Scott Baron delivers another action-packed adventure filled with humor, heart, and plenty of twists and turns. Fans of the Dragon Mage series will love this thrilling conclusion to Charlie’s story.

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Plot Summary

In Star Fighter Charlie, Charlie has faced and overcome many challenges in his adventures, but he’s never faced an enemy quite like this. A powerful entity known as the Abyss has targeted Charlie and his crew, and they’re not backing down. With his friends by his side, Charlie must gather all of his strength and intelligence to face the Abyss and stop them from destroying everything he loves.

As Charlie and his crew navigate dangerous situations and outsmart their enemies, they encounter new friends and allies who offer their help in the fight against the Abyss. But will it be enough? As the Abyss grows stronger and their attacks become more relentless, Charlie must push himself to the limit and risk everything to save his loved ones.

Audiobook Review

As a listener, I found Star Fighter Charlie Audiobook mp3 to be an excellent addition to the Dragon Mage series. The story was engaging from beginning to end, and I loved how the characters continued to grow and evolve. The action sequences were well-written and kept me on the edge of my seat, and the narration by Gary Bennett was fantastic.

I highly recommend this audiobook free to anyone who enjoys science fiction and fantasy stories filled with humor, heart, and plenty of action.

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  • By: Scott Baron
  • Narrated by: Gary Bennett
  • Length: 9 hrs and 30 mins
  • Release date: 04-24-20
  • Language: English
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