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The Dresden Files Audiobook series is about a wizard detective who solves magic crimes in modern day Chicago.

The Dresden Files Audiobooks Review

Dresden’s supporting cast shines just as strongly as the protagonist. Karrin Murphy, the head of Special Investigations at the Chicago Police Department, acts as Dresden’s partner during a lot of his cases and provides a more grounded and practical perspective. This allows her to act not only as a much needed in-story target for exposition, but also as a straight-laced figure for Dresden to bounce his wacky personality off of. Michael Carpenter, a knight who wields a holy sword, is a well-developed superman figure who is very welcome in the usually dark setting of “The Dresden Files.” Michael could have easily come off as either a goodie-goodie or a religious zealot, but Butcher manages to keep him relatable while also serving as a strong positive figure for both the characters and the reader. There are plenty of other characters who I could list here, but you can meet them yourself by reading the books.

If you’re looking for a fantasy audiobook series that uses its magical elements to symbolize real-world issues and make some deep philosophical statements on the existence of man, this series is not for you. Instead, you’ll get a thrill ride of action, mystery, horror, romance, and suspense that rival most summer blockbusters in their excitement and intensity. Imaginative, gritty, and surprisingly hilarious, “The Dresden Files Audiobooks” is pure fun from beginning to end.