Age of Empyre Audiobook – Legends of the First Empire #6

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Age of Empyre Audiobook Free Streaming Online by Michael J. Sullivan

Age of Empyre Audiobook Free download by Michael J. Sullivan

Age of Empyre Audiobook is the 6th audio in the Legends of the First Empire Audiobooks series. It follows on quite quickly after the Age of Death.

A door opens. An army of dragons advance. And the fate of the living rests with the dead.

This audiobook proves once again that Michael J. Sullivan is a masterful storyteller that really knows how to captivate and conclude a well-crafted tale. As I listened to the final chapter, I couldn’t help feeling that I’m going to miss all the wonderful characters that I’ve grown to love.

Anyway, the ending was too little, too late for me. So many loose ends. This audiobook underscores how even good authors lose sight of their storylines.

Plot Summary

After obtaining the secret to creating dragons, the leader of the Fhrey has turned the tide of war once more – but gaining the advantage has come at a terrible price. While Imaly plots to overthrow the fane for transgressions against his people, a mystic and a keeper are the only hope for the Rhunes.

Time is short, and the future of both races hangs in the balance. In this exciting conclusion to the Legends of the First Empire series, the Great War finally comes to a climactic end, and with it dawns a new era in the Age of Empyre.

About the Author

Michael J. Sullivan opened the first door to his imagination with typewriter keys found in a friend’s basement when he was just eight years old. Today he uses computer keys, writing classic fantasy with unlikely heroes, including the bestselling Riyria novels and his latest epic, The Legends of the First Empire Audiobooks.

About the Narrator

As always the narration was wonderful. Tim Gerard Reynolds again at his best!

He does such a great job with emotion and communicating the feelings and emotions of the characters. I can’t think of a better author/narrator team than Reynolds and Sullivan.

Why should you give Age of Empyre Audiobook a try?

Once more, Michael gets almost everything right – every loose end is wrapped up and seemingly disconnected events unavoidably lead to the brilliant conclusion not only of Age of Empyre Audiobook mp3 but the entire series.

All in all a very satisfying conclusion. A lot of it was pretty obvious, since this is a prequel series of sorts. One of the best things reading this series has been seeing and making all the easter eggs and connections with the “Riyria era” series. And, of course meeting many amazing characters.

The mythology is so deep and well built. All the mysteries being revealed at just the right pace. I love the rag-tag group of characters that each become heroes at just the right time. I got choked up multiple times. There was a verbal call back that was perfect. And getting to revisit something we thought was lost was just the best!

I highly recommend this audiobook and the previous ones to anyone seeking adventure and fantasy.

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Narrated by: Tim Gerard Reynolds
Series: Legends of the First Empire, Book 6
Length: 16 hrs and 42 mins
Categories: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Fantasy

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  1. OMG THANK YOU AHHAHAAH!! I finished book 5 a couple days ago and was looking for book 6 on your website. Today I checked in to re-listen to theft of swords but Age of Empyre is HERE! Thank you for letting me enjoy your website and thank you for so actively uploading new books <3


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