Aetherial Annihilation Audiobook – Overworld Chronicles #11

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Aetherial Annihilation Audiobook Streaming Online by John Corwin


Aetherial Annihilation Audiobook Free Download
Aetherial Annihilation Audiobook Free Download

The magic is gone.

When crystal meteors slam to earth and drain the magical energy from the world, Justin and the gang are once more pressed into action. Confronted with the prospect of a world without magic, they’ll face their toughest challenge yet: how to destroy the crystalline threat and discovering who’s behind the attack. But the meteors are all over the planet and getting to them without the use of monarch portals or magical transportation poses a daunting task.

If Justin and his allies can’t disable the meteors in time, the world may lose magic for good and the supernatural community will be destroyed.


We found Justin and co facing a new threat 3 months after he and his friends won the war against Daelissa. Love, war and losses are in Aetherial Annihilation Audiobook free download. This audiobook is so action-packed that listeners could not find a good stopping point to take a break.

The tone and vibe of this audiobook is very similar to these series. Some listeners were put off by how starkly different the tone of The Overworld Underground series is compared to The Overworld Chronicles.


Even though this Aetherial Annihilation Audiobook free is supposed to serve as a backstory for The Overworld Arcanum series, it only raises more questions. For starters, what happened to the Darklings about to retake their homeland at the end of The Overworld Chronicles? Who rained meteors on Eden and more importantly, how? Will poor Justin ever get a break from saving the world?

Audiobook Review

Aetherial Annihilation Audiobook by John Corwin is a sequel to the Overworld series. It shows life after. Unfortunately, the original cast cannot even be spared the time to lick their wounds, mourn lost loved ones, or quickly grab some of the finer sides of life without the universe throwing them back into yet another fight, this time with an unknown foe. Well written and brought tears to me at the end.

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John Corwin – Aetherial Annihilation is now available in audible format, almost 9.5 hrs long, the narration by Austin Rising, is so enticing that you get hooked instantly.

Narrated by: Austin Rising
Series: Overworld Chronicles, Book 11
Length: 9 hrs and 38 mins
Categories: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy

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