Dearest Mother of Mine Audiobook – Overworld Chronicles #6

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Dearest Mother of Mine Audiobook Streaming Online by John Corwin


Dearest Mother of Mine Audiobook Free Download
Dearest Mother of Mine Audiobook Free Download

All Justin really wants is to have a nice Christmas party with friends and family and for the craziness in his life to stop. Dearest Mother of Mine Audiobook by John Corwin focuses on Justin’s efforts to save his mother who has been in the clutches of the insane Seraphim Daelissa. Justin receives a lot of help from his band of supernatural friends as well as a less than trustworthy Golem.

Justin is feeling good, having survived, having completed his semester, and is preparing to send Christmas invitations. Of course, Justin’s feelings are fleeting, as a series of unfortunate events moves him towards focusing on recovering his mother, in captivity by the Seraphim Daelissa (and Jeremiah Conroy). Justin’s mother is eventually recovered, which leads to a race-against-time to free her from her “shackles” before she dies.


Justin with his supernatural friends (mages, knights, vampire, lycanthropes, demons, angels, etc) are on a mission to rescue his mother from being forced to open a “vortex” which would cause an armageddon on Earth.

Exploring the arches will definitely lead to more information, possibly a weapon they can wield, and maybe give the team the upper hand. Girding for battle, off the team goes to discover new intrigue and puzzles as they try to come up with a plan to stop Daelissa. One has to wonder about baby angels, cherubs, dragons, and leyworms in the same room.

Justin’s wayward family dynamics, growing power, frienemies, and enemies ensure sarcasm, adventure, breathtaking moments, suspense, and a fun ride every time.

The plot & Justin’s growth of Dearest Mother of Mine Audiobook free download seems all too slow, and that the author appears to be “milking” his audience.


When Justin finds out that Daelissa plans to use his mother, Alysea, to reopen the gateway between the mortal and Seraphim realms, he decides it’s high time to mount a rescue operation. But she’s being held by Jeremiah Conroy, the most dangerous and secretive Arcane in the Overworld.

Of course, Justin’s got even more problems when he accidentally kills the brother of Maulin Kassus. Who happens to be the leader of the Black Robe Brotherhood, deadly expert battle mages. And Kassus wants revenge.

If Justin can’t locate the Conroys and avoid the Arcane mafia, not only will he never see his mother again, but Daelissa will be one step closer to world domination.

Audiobook Review

A lull in an activity lets Justin plan for a Christmas party. As he puts the invites in the mail, he’s surrounded by dozens of golem kick-starting the outing and ending the scene with Lornicus possibly acting independently, Mr. Gray sharing a bit and Justin and his crew completely intrigued with the meet and a gift that could be a Trojan horse or the path to their destruction or a gift.

But Mr. Gray has plans, nothing’s ever as simple and straight-forward as it seems, it is Justin and his crew, nothing’s ever simple and Lornicus may even have his own plans. And nothing’s ever simple plus it’s Justin and his crew.

The lure of possible arch control, thwarting Daelissa, and just plain curiosity are enticing and soon everyone except Shelton is anxious to try out the gift.

While each outing is fun on its own the series must be listened in order for a clear understanding of what’s happening and why.

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John Corwin – Dearest Mother of Mine is now available in audible format, almost 13 hrs long, the narration by Austin Rising, is so enticing that you get hooked instantly.

Narrated by: Austin Rising
Series: Overworld Chronicles, Book 6
Length: 12 hrs and 56 mins
Categories: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Epic Fantasy

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  1. I appreciate you sharing. Overworld Chronicles Dearest Mother of Mine Chapter 3 stops working around the 10 to 11 minute mark.


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