Dire Destiny of Ours Audiobook – Overworld Chronicles #10

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Dire Destiny of Ours Audiobook Streaming Online by John Corwin


Dire Destiny of Ours Audiobook Free Download
Dire Destiny of Ours Audiobook Free Download

The end is nigh.

The last battle with Daelissa took a tremendous toll on the resistance. Elyssa is hanging onto life with the help of a preservation spell, and Daelissa has new elite troops ready to conquer Eden. Justin realizes the only way to save the woman he loves and his home realm is to travel to Seraphina and ask the Darklings for help.

But the Darkling nation, Pjurna, is embroiled in its own war with the Brightlings, and its leaders believe Justin is an enemy. His back to the wall on two fronts, Justin decides to take the gloves off and kick some ass.

If he doesn’t, Elyssa will die, and Daelissa will rule Eden.


Dire Destiny of Ours Audiobook free download is action, with some humor and romance thrown. There are multiple subplots and intrigue, all while Justin and Elyssa are trying to save the world. This entire series is an adventure. Fun, irreverent, fast-paced.


The protagonist (Justin), is such a lovable character. Dire Destiny of Ours Audiobook free has just the right amount of humor and plot for great escapism. The final audiobook in this series more than does justice to the adventure, excitement, and mini-plots of the first nine audiobooks in the series.

A well-written conclusion. Listeners will have a great time following Justin’s journey and the challenges he and his ever-growing family and friends faced.

Audiobook Review

Good conclusion of Dire Destiny of Ours Audiobook by John Corwin, but also good that it was the conclusion. The story became just a bit too predictable (baring a GRR-type twist), and didn’t leave much to character development. Looking forward to what Corwin is going to do next with the Overworld universe.

Download and listen for free

John Corwin – Dire Destiny of Ours is now available in audible format, almost 12.5 hrs long, the narration by Austin Rising, is so enticing that you get hooked instantly.

Narrated by: Austin Rising
Series: Overworld Chronicles, Book 10
Length: 12 hrs and 21 mins
Categories: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Epic Fantasy

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  1. Hey! Thanks for all the audiobooks. Is there any chance you’ll be putting the rest of the chapters on this one? Would love to hear it

  2. Some of the chapters are missing please fix I really want to know what happened in details not just a recollection from the next book

  3. this book stops before the end of the book. There is no war? Next book starts by telling of what happened. Yet this one stops well before the end. Maybe you didn’t get all the files. I have these books. There is missing chapters in this file. Just want to help. I love this site. And listen daily.


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