Fallen Angel of Mine Audiobook – The Overworld Chronicles #3

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Fallen Angel of Mine Audiobook Streaming Online by John Corwin


Fallen Angel of Mine Audiobook Free Download
Fallen Angel of Mine Audiobook Free Download

Justin has just barely caught his breath after surviving an encounter with the most notorious assassin in the Overworld, hellhounds, and his father’s demon spawns relatives when the universe throws him another curveball.

An attack by gray men sends him to Thunder Rock, a dreaded place where Elyssa’s father, Thomas Borathen, and a host of Templars were ambushed by demon spawn nearly twenty years ago. Because of this, Thomas despises spawn and hates Justin.

Despite a foreseeable predicting Justin may be the only thing standing between the world and a cataclysm, major family issues, and a pair of angels who each want him to join their side of the conflict, Justin realizes he may be able to gain something even more important than world peace: the approval of Elyssa’s father. But first, he’ll have to find the culprit responsible for the ambush and bring him to Templar justice.

Trying to escape Thunder Rock, Justin is hurtled through an Obsidian Arch and ends up in Colombia. Elyssa is captured by her father, who’s determined to make her take the White, a Templar ritual which will erase all her memories of Justin. Elyssa is in dire straits and needs him desperately. Together they are a force to be reckoned with and they are tested together and separately.

Death cannot stop true love. Just as Justin thinks he can finally try to get back to some semblance of a ‘normal’ life, fate decides it has other plans. Justin wishes nothing more than some free time with Elyssa, the Buttercup to his Wesley. But a mind wipe probably will. Fate, it seems, may not be ready for Justin and Elyssa to get their happily ever after just yet. Elyssa’s family and especially her father feel nothing but hatred toward his ‘kind’ and will not allow their love to continue.

Thousands of miles from home with destiny breathing down his neck, Justin has to solve a mystery older than he is, overcome new enemies, and make a citizen’s arrest on the crazy mofo behind the insanity so he can save Elyssa and gain acceptance from her family. Because true love is totally worth it.


This installment of the adventures of Justin Case Slade was a complete thrill ride from the opening sentence until the last. There were parts that seemed to drag, but that was more due to so much action that a slow-down seemed a drag; a lot of information bombs and just plain good things stuffed between the covers.

Once again our hero, Justin, is overcoming the odds and fighting for his life and his love, this time with the fate of the world on his shoulders.

In his usual style, Justin barrels into trouble, head-first with little regard to planning. Walking away from a bloodbath at his high school is just the beginning of the adventure in this installment of the Otherworld series. There’s no time for smelling the supernatural roses when you are on the run from every supernatural creature in the Fallen Angel of Mine audiobook by John Corwin and maybe even destiny itself. Once again, the audiobook sprints from the starting gate directly into action, intrigue, and more details about Justin, his family, and Foreseeance 4311.

The characters have grown a great deal since audiobook one and in each outing there is an opportunity to flex and make choices.


Things just got more real.

During an escape from the gray men, Justin and Elyssa are stranded in Thunder Rock with a notorious Daemas, Kassallandra. They find a way out, but Justin is separated, thrown through a broken Obsidian Arch, and ends up in Colombia where he’ll face his greatest challenge yet.

Meanwhile, Elyssa is captured by her father. He hates Daemos and hates Justin and wants to put her through a ritual that will erase all memories of Justin.
Death can’t stop true love, but a mind wipe probably will.

Audiobook Review

Fallen Angel of Mine Audiobook free download is fast-paced and full of a variety of supernatural characters (not just another teenage vampire story). There is a brief overview at the beginning of the audiobook for listeners who haven’t listen to the first two but since these fast listen and fun it’s worth starting at the beginning.

This audiobook answers the question of whether Justin Case Slade the half-demon spawn, will find true love with Elyssa the Damphyr (half-human – half-vampire). It’s not exactly a match made in heaven and family and Overworld politics, not to mention a Colombian drug cartel are against the union.

This is a teenage vampire love story but it really isn’t. The reason is the author and his sarcastic wit. The audiobooks are action-packed with Justin getting himself in more scrapes than John McClane, and Justin is even harder to kill.

Download and listen for free

John Corwin – Dark Light of Mine is now available in audible format, almost 11.5 hrs long, the narration by Austin Rising, is so enticing that you get hooked instantly.

Narrated by: Austin Rising
Series: Overworld Chronicles, Book 3
Length: 11 hrs and 39 mins
Categories: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy

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  1. Chapter Order(count from the top):
    Chapter 1: between chapter 18 and 19
    Chapter 2: between chapter 28 and 29
    Chapter 3-8: 6th from the bottom
    Chapter 9: at the top
    The rest follows regular order


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