Twisted Sister of Mine Audiobook – Overworld Chronicles #5

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Twisted Sister of Mine Audiobook Streaming Online by John Corwin


Twisted Sister of Mine Audiobook Free Download
Twisted Sister of Mine Audiobook Free Download

Justin Slade, infected with the vampire virus, goes to magic school in attempts to cure himself. While at school, he meets his sister, who’s supposedly his opposition in the series end-game and, actually strikes up somewhat of a friendship.

Justin trying to bring his family together. The problem is that Ivy, his little sister is very powerful and has been raised in a very unconventional way and believes her big brother is EVIL. Will Justin be able to convince Ivy that he isn’t evil and stay ahead of the truly evil Seraphim?

His magic training is at the rudimentary level, being placed in classes with students less than half his age. He also gets cured in the end, though his education plays no role beyond putting him in the right place.


The usual suspects’ cameo appearances to convince Justin to continue to university might be the key to cleaning his incubus-angel blood to keep from turning into a zombie. But the majority of the story centers on Justin and Shelton as they find a couple of clues and intrigues to unravel when they go for Justin’s assessment placement test.

It also leads to a few boys’ nights out adventures. The characters mature and the twists in every tale. Dark versus light and they collide in an arena where there and everywhere while weird magical creatures abound. The overarching story gets deeper and darker with the players involved having more at stake than we knew before.

Twisted Sister of Mine Audiobook by John Corwin wraps up a lot of the storyline, leading to the “lines in the sand are drawn” for the big war of good vs evil. Keeps the plotlines straight.


Justin Slade is living on borrowed time.

The vampling curse is gnawing away at his body and his sanity. Because the cure might lie in his special kind of magic, Justin goes to Arcane University in a desperate attempt to unlock his powers.

When he runs into his little sister, Ivy, at the university, Justin realizes this might be his chance to convince her he’s not evil. Even better, she might be able to cure him if her shape-shifting protector, Bigglesworth, doesn’t eat him first.

Save his sister. Save the world. Save his life. With the clock ticking toward a future as a blood-sucking zombie, Justin has to make every second count.

Audiobook Review

Corwin seems to have calmed down a bit on the frenetic pacing. Not only is there a decent gap between the events of the previous audiobook and this one, but the activity doesn’t bounce from one crisis to another.

Twisted Sister of Mine Audiobook free download has Justin going to Arcane college, etc. Most of his ever-expanding entourage follows him there, but the biggest surprise for him is that his sister Ivy is attending. Between that, being hunted by Mr. Bigglesworth, and an impending apocalyptic crisis, Justin is busy.

This audiobook does a lot to flesh out the context of the conflict Justin’s caught in. The result is that a lot of it is info dumps, so this book moves much slower than previous installments in the series. I actually liked the wealth of information and slower pace, but people who are following the series may not appreciate the slowing.

The conversations and interactions with Ivy also slow the pace down, but they’re very well-written and emotionally poignant given the kids’ history and everything going on.
Note that slow-er doesn’t mean slow. There is still plenty of fighting and action with Bigglesworth, as well as a bunch of new arcane opponents.

I like the mix Corwin has established here, and I hope the audiobooks in the series continue in this vein.

Download and listen for free

John Corwin – Twisted Sister of Mine is now available in audible format, almost 13 hrs long, the narration by Austin Rising, is so enticing that you get hooked instantly.

Narrated by: Austin Rising
Series: Overworld Chronicles, Book 5
Length: 13 hrs and 14 mins
Categories: Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Paranormal Fantasy

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