Harbingers Audiobook – Repairman Jack 10 by F. Paul Wilson

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Harbingers Audiobook - Repairman Jack 10 by F. Paul Wilson
Harbingers Audiobook – Repairman Jack 10 by F. Paul Wilson

Harbingers Audiobook is the 10th story in a series of Repairman Jack audiobooks written by American author bestseller – F. Paul Wilson. This audiobook really raised the bar, several questions were answered, and past incidents started to come together. A lot of things are making sense now.

Harbingers was an emotional roller coaster with plenty of action and smooth writing. It is a great story to listen to. It is another fantastic addition to the life and story of Jack, our anti-hero fixer-upper. If you are a Repairman Jack fan this audiobook will grab hold of you, rip into your emotions, and keep you cheering for Jack.

Highly recommended!

Plot Summary

It starts off so simply: Jack, still feeling down after the tragic events of Infernal, is hanging in Julio’s when a regular named Timmy asks him for help. His teenage niece has been missing since this morning; the police say it’s too early to worry, but Timmy knows something bad has happened. Jack says he’ll put the word out on the street. This innocent request triggers a chain of seemingly coincidental events that lead Jack into the darkest days of his life.

As has become evident in the series, Jack has been singled out, unwillingly, as the champion of one of the two supernatural forces contending for control of all human life on Earth. Neither of these forces are good or evil, just dangerous and amoral. They value and notice individual humans about as much as we do mosquitos.

Jack is desperate… and the last thing you want to do is make Jack desperate. That’s when things begin to blow up and people begin to die.

A hang-onto-your-hat-and-heart thriller of triumph and tragedy that barrels along at F. Paul Wilson’s trademark breakneck pace.

About the Author

F. Paul Wilson is the New York Times bestselling author of the Repairman Jack novels and a winner of the Bram Stoker Award for Lifetime Achievement.

In the 1990s he became a true genre hopper, moving from science fiction to horror to medical thrillers and branching into interactive scripting for Disney Interactive and other multimedia companies.

His recent novels include Panacea, The God Gene, and The Void Protocol, of the ICE Sequence series. He continues to practice as a physician and lives in Wall, New Jersey.


Every series has its ups and downs, and while Infernal was a bit of a down, Harbingers audiobook mp3 definitely picks it back up. Increasingly this series has gotten more harrowing, more personal, and more emotional with the systematic picking off of Jack’s family and the advancing horror of the Otherness.

As usual, Wilson’s writing style is very reader-friendly. He gives us characters that we can love and hate and then gives us a glimpse into their soul. His characters seem more real than some of the people I see on a daily basis. There are some new players here and some old ones as well including another lady and her dog with some less-vague information for Jack than what he’s gotten out of them in the past.

The blending of a blistering fast-paced action thriller with a tiny, albeit meaningful supernatural twist, this series is my cup of tea. It’s great to listen to.

Christopher Price is an excellent narrator, I have given up on books that are supposed to be excellent due to poor narration so if I am already on the 8th book, that must say something. He has many talents which I have only seen in three narrators so far.

Listening to these back to back is a breeze and a pleasure. Loved this, will definitely listen to all the books related to Repairman Jack. Can’t wait to start the next book!

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Harbingers by F. Paul Wilson is now available in audible format, mp3 is more than 11 hours long, yet the narration by Christopher Price is so enticing that you get hooked instantly, and keeps you up at night listening!

By: F. Paul Wilson
Narrated by: Christopher Price
Series: Repairman Jack, Book 10
Length: 11 hrs and 52 mins
Categories: Literature & Fiction, Horror

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