Confessor Audiobook – Sword of Truth Book 11

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Confessor Audiobook by Terry Goodkind

Introduction Confessor Audiobook

Confessor Audiobook is the eleventh audiobook in Terry Goodkind’s epic fantasy series The Sword of Truth Audiobooks, and the last in the Chainfire Audiobook trilogy bringing an end to the current story arc involving the Imperial Order. The audiobook was announced on February 20, 2007 on the author’s official website. The book was released November 13, 2007.

“Descending into darkness, about to be overwhelmed by evil, those people still free are powerless to stop the coming dawn of a savage new world, while Richard faces the guilt of knowing that he must let it happen. Alone, he must bear the weight of a sin he dare not confess to the one person he loves…and has lost.

Join Richard and Kahlan in the concluding novel of one of the most remarkable and memorable journeys ever written. It started with one rule and will end with the rule of all rules, the rule unwritten, the rule unspoken since the dawn of history.
When next the sun rises, the world will be forever changed.”

Confessor Audiobook by Terry Goodkind - The Sword of Truth Book 10
Confessor Audiobook by Terry Goodkind – The Sword of Truth Book 10

The plot of Confessor Audiobook by Terry Goodkind

Richard Rahl, leader of the D’Haran Empire, has been captured by an Imperial Order commander, who spared his life (under the guise of Ruben Rybnik) to be the point man for the commander’s Ja’La dh Jin team. Kahlan is also Jagang’s prisoner, surrounded by special guards who can see her.

During Richard’s imprisonment, he is warned by a cloaked specter that he is now a player of the Boxes of Orden. Sister Ulicia is also visited by this figure, and is told that the time to open the Boxes has been reset to one year from the first day of winter-the day that Nicci set the Boxes into motion under Richard’s name.

Wizard’s Eleventh Rule

The eleventh and final rule that appears in The Sword of Truth Audiobook series is revealed in Confessor Audiobook to be an unwritten rule. The reason is explained through the character Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander: The rule of all rules. The rule unwritten. The rule unspoken since the dawn of history… But Barracus wanted you to know that it’s the secret to using a war wizard’s power. The only way to express it, to make sure that you would grasp what he was intending to tell you, was to give you a book unwritten to signify the rule unwritten. (Chapter 65, p. 592, U.S. hardcover edition)

Richard goes through great struggle to obtain a book left for him by Baraccus, a great wizard from the past. The book entitled Secrets to a War Wizard’s power is a means for him to understand how to use his gift and therefore is in essence the solution to major problems. When he obtains the book, its pages are blank and Zedd informs him that Baraccus left it blank to illustrate the meaning of the phrase “rule unwritten”. Using this knowledge Richard reasons that the Book of Counted Shadows could not be the key to the boxes of Orden, and that the Sword of Truth was the only way to harness Orden’s power. As far as the knowledge within the book was concerned, there was “nothing in it”, much like Richard’s Secrets to a War Wizard’s Power. The Sword of Truth, representative of its namesake, was key to life.

The secret to Richard’s power is that he seeks the truth. In seeking truth he turns a blind eye to corrupt ideas and embraces the essence of life itself. The Sisters of the Dark assumed the truth to be what they had always been told by others and never thought to verify it themselves, and died for it; but would never have been able to access the power by reason of acting in hate. Richard, on the other hand, intended to use the power to help those he cared about and thus had the ability to harness the power.

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  • Written by: Terry Goodkind
  • Narrated by: Sam Tsoutsouvas
  • Length: 23 hrs and 19 mins

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