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An Acceptable Time Audiobook Free

An Acceptable Time Audiobook Download by Madeleine L'Engle
An Acceptable Time Audiobook Download by Madeleine L’Engle

An acceptable time audiobook is a fantasy story, which takes the audience back a whole 3 millennia back to where there is nothing to share with the ancient world. Somehow your character finds a way to relate and get attached to the people on the other side of time. They become friends and share more than knowledge of their different worlds.

Polly O’Keefe is a red-haired girl who unknowingly slips back into a time beyond what she could fit in easily. She finds a gateway to switch back and forth and be in different worlds. There is nothing more than anyone could wish for in life than to travel freely into the past and back.

Plot Summary

It seems to be a typical day in a rainy season, and Polly is indoors. She arrived at her grandparents’ farm in Connecticut for vacation and a private tour. It is raining heavily so when the flash of lighting shone in the sky; the view had changed. The ground shook, and the scene changed into a strange place. Instead of her familiar grandparents’ farm, she sees misty, rugged mountains. She slips through a portal into the past and is trapped 3 millennia before her time. There is a group of young men carrying spears approaching when she first gains consciousness. This nightmare could never have gone worse.

Here, she meets Anaral, a native American girl, Tav, a warrior with the druid, and a British philosopher named Karralys, who was banished from home by the druid. The questions, which linger in the listener will be if she will pull off the time trap. Polly has found herself 3,000 years ago in a civilization she is not familiar with or has any connections to. Find a way to survive is difficult enough. Even worse is getting back to where she rightfully belongs. She needs to get back to her family and love ones before the gate closes. Being trapped in the past becomes the biggest nightmare, and her way out becomes the only thing to live for and look forward to. The nightmare persists with her presence among people who practice human sacrifices. The horror of this realization strikes deep into her heart causing desperation for a way out. An Acceptable Time Audiobook Online Streaming.

She travels back and forth between the two worlds. This is the result of being attached to both worlds. She becomes resourceful and useful not only to here friends, but the community in general when she helps stop a war between clashing tribes. Other acts of kindness include helping Zachary Gray who is disliked for his self-centeredness but is chronically ill.

Editorial Review

This time-slip audiobook incorporates, tantalizing information, blending snippets, and vast knowledge from a range of disciplines. An acceptable time audiobook mp3 has explored history, physics, and religion and combined them into a rich plot to tell the story of a past. The fine fantasy explored here is firmly rooted in reality to give the audience a lot to relate to in a fantasy world.

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A Wrinkle in Time Unabridged - Time Quintet Audiobook 5
A Wrinkle in Time Unabridged – Time Quintet Audiobook 5

An acceptable time audiobook free gives the audience a reason to imagine beyond their dreams. They can venture into the past and get a feel of the past life, which is barely recorded in any history material.

The narrators are competent enough to provide the best feeling to the audience. The choice of accents and voicing of the characters is indisputably creative.

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