The Phantom Castle Audiobook – Way of the Shaman #4

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The Phantom Castle Audiobook Streaming Online & Download Free

The Phantom Castle Audiobook free download by Vasily Mahanenko
The Phantom Castle Audiobook free download by Vasily Mahanenko

The Phantom Castle Audiobook is the 4th story in a famous VRMMO series of Way of the Shaman audiobooks written by bestseller author – Vasily Mahanenko. It is light-years from the charming, quirky, engaging and slightly left-field story from audiobook #1, #2 and #3.

A fantastic LitRPG audiobook. If you like this genre this will work for you. If you like science fantasy you will almost certainly enjoy this too, but be advised there are some MMO-style level-up and statistics paragraphs common to the LitRPG genre.

Highly recommended!

Plot Summary

What can a game clan accomplish without a castle? The answer is obvious: nothing. Therefore, the main objective of any leader in a game world is to acquire a base of operations. Finding himself in exactly this position, High Shaman Mahan, leader of the Legends of Barliona, accepts an offer from the Emperor and the Dark Lord to vanquish the army of Phantoms that has inhabited Altameda, the phantom castle.

However, this seemingly ordinary quest sets in motion such a momentous chain of events that the Shaman can do nothing but resort to his intuition and act on instinct. After all, a player who is being hunted by the three top clans of the continent at once, can do little else…

About the Author

Vasily Mahanenko is one of the best-known Russian LitRPG fantasy authors, most popular for his Way of the Shaman LitRPG series. In addition, he also wrote the Dark Paladin, Invasion, and the Galactogon series, all within the new LitRPG genre that took not only Russia but the whole world by storm.

Vasily dipped into his college-days insider knowledge as a hardcore gamer in order to create a believable world of the virtual-reality MMO game. His bestselling series combines fiction and video games.

He used his more than ten years of experience as an ERP implementation project manager to approach his writing in a well-organized manner, working to a strict schedule, a set of deadlines, and even a budget.


There has been a drop-off in the quality of this series in The Phantom Castle Audiobook mp3. If you can get over all the naivety in the book and how disconnected it is from the MMO scene then I guess it can be a fun read, but with each book, it went downhill for me.

Mahanenko still manages to surprise and shock the reader, whilst the plotline ratchets back and forth to help the sometimes confusing story.

About the narration, at first, I wasn’t sure about Jonathan Yen’s performance but have now found it works perfectly with Vasily Mahanenko’s writing. He elevates the story and it’s very easy to picture what is going on. He makes his characters come alive and envelops them in emotion. You can get the extra context of tone and such from the voice of the narrator. He has many talents which I have only seen in three narrators so far.

Listening to these back to back is a breeze and a pleasure. Loved this, will definitely listen to all the books related to Way of the Shaman. Can’t wait to start the next book!

Listen & download free

The Phantom Castle by Vasily Mahanenko is now available in audible format, mp3 is more than 19 hours long, yet the narration by Jonathan Yen is so enticing that you get hooked instantly, and keeps you up at night listening!

By: Vasily Mahanenko
Narrated by: Jonathan Yen
Series: The Way of the Shaman, Book 4
Length: 19 hrs and 5 mins
Categories: Literature & Fiction, Action & Adventure

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