Dragons Rising Audiobook – The Complete Series

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Dragons Rising Audiobook by Alisha Klapheke


Dragons Rising Audiobook by Alisha Klapheke
Dragons Rising Audiobook free download

Dragons Rising Audiobook is a captivating fantasy series by Alisha Klapheke that will take you on an epic adventure filled with action, magic, and dragons. Now you can listen and download the complete series for free on Audiobooks4soul.com.

Dragons Rising – The Complete Series is narrated by Caitlin Davies and includes all 5 audiobooks:

  1. Fate Of Dragons
  2. Band Of Breakers
  3. Queen Of Seas
  4. Sword Of Oak
  5. Magic Lore

Plot Summary

In the land of Emares, dragons are the rulers of the skies, and humans are oppressed under their rule. But when a group of rebels discovers an ancient prophecy that speaks of a powerful dragon-slayer who will liberate humanity, they set out to find the chosen one.

Enter Lila, a young girl with a secret – she can communicate with dragons. As she joins the rebellion and embarks on a dangerous mission to slay the dragons, Lila must learn to harness her powers and face the truth about her past.

But with the fate of humanity on her shoulders, will she be able to rise up and become the dragon-slayer they need?

Audiobook Reviews

As a listener of this audiobook, I was utterly engrossed in the world of Emares and the thrilling journey of Lila and her companions. ‘

The vivid descriptions of the dragons and their magical abilities were especially captivating. The character development was also well-done, and I found myself rooting for Lila as she faced numerous challenges and battles.

The narration by Caitlin Davies was superb and really brought the story to life. Dragons Rising is a must-listen for any fantasy fan looking for an exciting adventure.

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  • By: Alisha Klapheke
  • Narrated by: Caitlin Davies
  • Length: 25 hrs and 21 mins
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