Grip of the Shadow Plague Audiobook – Fablehaven #3

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Grip of the Shadow Plague Audiobook Online Streaming by Brandon Mull

Grip of the Shadow Plague Audiobook free download
Grip of the Shadow Plague Audiobook free download

Grip of the Shadow Plague Audiobook is the third installment of the wonderful fantasy novel – Fablehaven series by best-selling author Brandon MullBrandon Mull. It picks up where “Fablehaven: Rise of the Evening Star” leaves off, during the same summer of the second year at Fablehaven.

This book will keep you turning pages and make you feel crazy in love with all the characters. They continue to develop and the world continues to become much richer in detail.

If you like Five Kingdoms audiobook, the Percy Jackson Series, or even the Maze Runner series, this series will most likely appeal to you.

Plot Summary

Strange things are afoot at Fablehaven. Someone or something has released a plague that transforms beings of light into creatures of darkness. Seth discovers the problem in its infancy, but as the infectious disease spreads, it becomes clear that the preserve cannot hold out for long.

In dire need of help, the Sorensons question where to turn. The Sphinx has always given sound advice – but is he a traitor? Inside the Quiet Box, Vanessa might have information that could lead to a cure – but can she be trusted?

Meanwhile, Kendra and members of the Knights of the Dawn must journey to a distant preserve and retrieve another hidden artifact. Will the Society of the Evening Star recover it first? Will the plague eclipse all light at Fablehaven?

Author and Narrator

Brandon Mull is the author of the New York Times, USA TODAY, and Wall Street Journal bestselling Beyonders and Fablehaven series, as well as the bestselling Five Kingdoms, Candy Shop Wars, and Dragonwatch series.

He resides in Utah, in a happy little valley near the mouth of a canyon. Brandon’s greatest regret is that he has but one life to give to Gondor.

Mull, having wanted to become a fantasy novelist ever since he was a child, submitted a manuscript to various publishers. Though the manuscript was rejected, Christ Shoebinger of Shadow Mountain Publishing took a liking for Mull’s writing style and suggested to Mull writing a different type of novel. The novel would become Fablehaven, which took five months to write.

Audiobook Review

Grip of the Shadow Plague Audiobook mp3 is a must for children or anyone for that matter. The whole series is a must-listen but this one, in particular, has a few of my favorite elements. The other magical creature preserve they visit is spectacular. The pacing is perfect, the descriptions really bring you there, this is a magical vacation.

Brandon Mull developed the world of this awesome series so much more in this audiobook. I really love how the species were described, each with different character traits. The centaurs are proud and conceited. The fairies crave attention, always check their looks, and like to gossip.

About the narration, E. B. Stevens did an amazing job as the narrator. His voices helped me distinguish character, create mood, and even better help deliver the story.

Fablehaven series is worth the time, the energy, and the money. The kids will enjoy it, the parents will enjoy it, and everyone will benefit from the time spent together reading it. Can’t wait for the next audiobook.

Listen and download free!

Narrated by: E. B. Stevens
Series: Fablehaven, Book 2
Length: 13 hrs and 27 mins
Categories: Children’s Audiobooks, Science Fiction & Fantasy

Fablehaven series – Grip of the Shadow Plague is now available in audible format, mp3 is about 13 hrs and 27 mins long, yet the narration by E. B. Stevens is so enticing that you get hooked instantly and keeps you up the whole way listening!

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