Six of Crows Audiobook – Six of Crows #1 by Leigh Bardugo

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Six of Crows Audiobook
Six of Crows Audiobook free download

The Six of Crows audiobook is a captivating young adult fantasy novel written by Leigh Bardugo and narrated by Jay Snyder and many other narrators. With a total length of 15 hours and 9 minutes, this audiobook is perfect for anyone who loves heists, intricate world-building, and unforgettable characters.

Six of Crows is enthralling and absolutely enjoyable for anyone. It has a lot of action and a little magic. Listeners can download and enjoy this audiobook for free on

Plot Summary

The story follows six teenage outcasts from the bustling city of Ketterdam, who embark on an impossible heist to pull off one of the most daring robberies in history. The gang is led by Kaz Brekker, a master thief who’s always one step ahead of his enemies. Together, they must break into the Ice Court, a heavily guarded fortress in Fjerda, and retrieve a valuable prisoner who holds the key to a dangerous drug that could change the world forever.

As the crew navigates through treacherous waters, dangerous city streets, and harsh weather conditions, they must also learn to trust one another and rely on their unique skills to complete the mission. But with each step they take, they realize that the heist is more complicated than they ever imagined, and their greatest enemies might be closer than they think.


As a listener, I was blown away by the Six of Crows audiobook mp3. The characters are well-rounded and distinct, and the world-building is top-notch. I loved the intricate plot and the constant twists and turns that kept me engaged throughout the story.

The narration by the multi-narrator was excellent, bringing each character to life with his unique voice and inflection. But there is a problem, each narrator reads the whole chapter, and therein lies the issue: there are multiple different versions of every character’s speaking voice. Multiply each by the number of narrators interpreting that character and it gets a bit muddy.

Yes, I highly recommend this audiobook to anyone who loves a good heist story and wants to get lost in a rich, immersive fantasy world.

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By: Leigh Bardugo
Narrated by: Jay Snyder, Brandon Rubin, Fred Berman, Lauren Fortgang, Roger Clark, Elizabeth Evans, Tristan Morris
Length: 15 hrs and 4 mins

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