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Odd and the Frost Giants Audiobook Free Streaming Online

Odd and the Frost Giants Audiobook is a World Book Day book by Neil Gaiman. In this inventive, short, yet perfectly formed novel inspired by traditional Norse mythology, Neil Gaiman takes readers on a wild and magical trip to the land of giants and gods and back.

It’s a fun little audiobook. And looking at Odd unravel the problems of the Gods is amusing. I advise it to fans of Thor as portrayed in the marvel cinematic universe.

Odd and the Frost Giants Audiobook Free Download
Odd and the Frost Giants Audiobook Free Download

Plot Summary

Odd is a young Norseman whose father, a woodcutter, drowned during a Viking raid. His Scottish mother marries a fat widower who neglects him in favor of his own children, and when soon after the winter drags on unnaturally long, Odd leaves his village for the forest. There he meets a fox, an eagle, and a bear, the latter with its paw trapped in a tree. Odd aids the bear, and learns that these are not normal animals, but the gods Loki, Odin and Thor. The gods have been transformed and cast out of Asgard by a Frost Giant who tricked Loki into giving him Thor’s hammer by taking the form of a woman, granting him rule over Asgard and causing the endless winter.

Deciding to help the stranded gods, Odd travels with them to Asgard. There, Thor leads him to Mimir’s Well, and he receives wisdom and a vision of his parents in their youth. He eventually speaks with the Giant, who reveals his brother built the walls of Asgard but was tricked out of payment and killed by Thor. Odd convinces the Giant to return home. In return, the goddess Freya heals his leg, though she cannot mend it completely, and Odin gives him a staff. He returns to Midgard, somewhat bigger than when he left due to drinking from Mimir’s Well, and as the winter ends he reunites with his mother.

Neil Gaiman – Odd and the Frost Giants Audiobook Reviews

I like great to pay attention to his novels in audio format; it makes me sense like I’m wrapped in a massive quilt and studying to like a child.

Each time I examine something through Gaiman, I think, “This is where he excels.” Whether it is a fairy story (Stardust Audiobook), a kid’s story (Coraline Audiobook), or the melding of American Mythology with a new Mythology of his advent (American Gods Audiobook, Anansi Boys Audiobook). Maybe it is something vaguely steam punkish and other-worldly, like Neverwhere. Sometimes it’s when I revisit the complexities in Sandman.

Or possibly I’m not honestly that fickle, and I just like the way his phrasing and ideas are like mainlining story straight into my amygdalae, so most of the time it doesn’t clearly remember what type of fiction he is writing this time.

Free Audiobook Odd and the Frost Giants
Free Audiobook Odd and the Frost Giants

Odd and the Frost Giants is another audiobook in his cutting-edge string of children’s tales. This one borrows heavily from Norse mythology, however mainly via allusion to other, greater established stories. I had to go appear some of them up – like how Odin sacrificed an eye to reap information and knowledge from Mímir’s Well, and about Jötunheimr, the Land of Giants. I love that there may be a deeper layer of complexity to the story – but only if the reader desires it. In this totally Gaiman-invented tale, Odd, a young woodcutter’s son, runs away from a cruel stepfather and ends up assembly Odin, Thor, and Loki, who have been outsmarted by way of a giant.

I each examine and listened to this tale, it’s pretty short. The audio file was well beneath 2 hours in length. I in all likelihood should have examine it alone in far much less than an hour. This edition has a brilliant little pencil drawing illustrations by Brett Helquist, which underscore its suitability for children. And it is just exquisite for kids, without any center of attention on the darker subject matters current in Coraline, or even The Graveyard Book. I suppose it would make a fabulous springboard for Homestudy elementary faculty children, as an introduction to mythology. This one truly is for all ages.

Odd and the Frost Giants Audiobook Mp3 is a little treat. If you loved Norse Mythology then you will possibly adore this. This is a children’s tale, although as with all precise children’s books it’s perfect for adults too.

Odd is a challenging little boy. He is physically disabled and shunned through his step-father who pushes him out of his household home, though he refuses to provide up. He refuses to end smiling and it is because of this that he succeeds. Positivity can go a long way and it actually helps when you stumble across the Gods.

Imagine this: Thor (who has been converted into a bear) has his paw stuck in a tree after trying to attain a bee’s nest. Odin (who has been modified into an eagle) flies overhead staring at the scene. Loki (who has been changed into a fox) skulks in the corner bemused. Odd walks in unawares and gives his help. The three Gods have been banished from Asgard and their kingdom is now in the palms of the Frost Giants. Unsurprisingly, it’s all Loki’s fault. Sound familiar?

Gaiman has captured the essence of Odin, Thor, and Loki terrifically. The marvel cinematic universe and the comedian e-book writers do a top job with their personalities, although their true bodily attributes are absolutely wrong. It’s all in the minor details. Some of it may additionally sound unimportant (the fact that Thor is supposed to have a big pink beard for example) even though things like this are pretty essential when dealing with Gods. So I like the interest to detail here.

What a tremendous way to follow up Gaiman’s Norse Mythology. Odd and the Frost Giants Audiobook is a story about Odd, a young boy, and his assembly with Loki, Thor, and Odin. Er, although now not in their normal form, in animal shape (a fox, a bear, and an eagle). Odd is on his way with the trio to Asgard to keep it from the Frost Giants. Who, thanks to Loki naturally, put them into animal form and has taken over Asgard.

What an awesome story. Wonderful to examine this one to young children. The story is brief and the audiobook is crammed with high-quality drawings in black and white. There is no want to read Norse Mythology first, I simply occurred to do it. I’m simply blissful that I noticed a tip here on GR that said it’s the perfect observe-up…and it was. An authentic gem of an audiobook that I suppose teenagers will love to listento. And massive ‘children’ too.

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Neil Gaiman - Audiobook Author
Neil Gaiman – Audiobook Author

Neil Gaiman – Odd and the Frost Giants is now available in audible format, almost 1 hr and 46 mins, the narration by himself is so enticing that you get hooked instantly.

By: Neil Gaiman
Narrated by: Neil Gaiman
Length: 1 hr and 46 mins
Categories: Kids, Ages 8-10

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