Blockade Billy Audiobook by Stephen King

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Blockade Billy Audiobook Free Download

Blockade Billy Audiobook Mp3 by Stephen King
Blockade Billy Audiobook Mp3 by Stephen King

Another novella written by the famous author Stephen King, Blockade Billy audiobook was written and published in 2010. It centers around the story of William “Blockade Billy” Blakely and the brief period of time that he played for the New Jersey Titans baseball team in 1957.

King wrote this novella because of his love for both, baseball and suspense. In an interview, King stated that many people had been asking him about a novel on such a topic.

The Author

Stephen King is one of the most well-renowned authors in history. The King of Horror has won many awards for his contributions to literature. Similar to most of his novels, Blockade Billy is also of the horror and suspense genre.

Blockade Billy Audiobook Free Download was probably the quickest novel that the legendary Stephen King had ever written. In an interview, King stated that he wrote Blockade Billy in about a timespan of two weeks.

Plot Summary

The book starts with a man named George Grantham telling the story of Blockade Billy to Stephen King while in a retirement home. George was the third-base coach for the New Jersey Titans baseball team. When both of the Titans catchers are let go just days before the season begins, the team must contact a player from a minor-league baseball team.

Although the object of doubt to most of the team’s players, Billy turned out to be a very good player. He earns the name Blockade Billy after showcasing his amazing power of stopping at the home plate.

George (aka Granny) later becomes suspicious of Billy when a member of the opposing team is injured during a tag out. Granny believes that Billy intentionally sliced the team members ankle in an attempt to win the game. Billy, however, claims that he is innocent and the case is dropped as there no evidence to support that Billy is guilty.

Further along the story, it is shown that Billy begins to become increasingly popular amongst the crowd until one day Granny arrives at a game only to see the manager in a state of panic. During the following game, Granny shows himself as the manager, however, is thrown out of the game after yelling to kill the umpire after he states a bad call for the Titans.

Upon going to the locker room, Granny find two police officers and a detective who state that Billy is actually an imposter who worked on the farm of the real “William Blakely”.

Stephen King Blockade Billy Audiobook Download
Stephen King Blockade Billy Audiobook Download

Later revealed that the imposter, who is named Eugene, murdered the real Blakely and his family just days before arriving at the Titans game where he became famous.

Before Eugene is taken away by the police, he slashes the umpire’s throat as the last symbol with his personal weapon that is hidden under a bandaid. Granny finishes the story by stating that instead of being lucky for the team, Eugene actually was a bad omen that took down the whole team with him.

Editorial Reviews

Similar to most of King’s novels, this too received mostly positive reviews. The Washington Post stated that the novella was colorful and swift. They also mentioned that the novella is wonderful due to the different narration that King gave to Granny.

Download and Listen!

By: Stephen King
Narrated by: Mare Winningham, Craig Wasson
Length: 2 hrs and 37 mins

Blockade Billy was the only baseball player in history to have his name completely erased from all history books. Not only that but Billy’s team has also been forgotten completely.

Billy’s secret was much worse than any other secret that any other sportsman has ever had. The person who is able to reveal to the world what his secret really was is the one and only, Stephen King.

Some of the first editions of the novel included William Blakely’s baseball card. It was also released as an audiobook that included a bonus short story that goes by the name of Morality.

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