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Terry Goodkind (born 1948) is an American writer. He is known for the epic fantasy series The Sword of Truth as well as the contemporary suspense novel The Law of Nines (2009), which has ties to his fantasy series. The Sword of Truth series sold 25 million copies worldwide and was translated into more than 20 languages. Additionally, it was adapted into a television series called Legend of the Seeker, which premiered on November 1, 2008 and ran for two seasons, ending in May 2010.

Goodkind is a proponent of Ayn Rand’s philosophical approach of Objectivism, and makes references to Rand’s ideas and novels in his works.

While he acknowledges writing in the fantasy genre, Goodkind perceives his novels to be more than just traditional fantasy because of their focus on philosophical and human themes. Goodkind believes that using the fantasy genre allows him to better tell his stories and better convey the human themes and emotions he desires to share with readers.

Goodkind has been influenced by the work of Ayn Rand and her philosophical approach known as Objectivism. Writing about the series in The Atlas Society newsletter, Willam Perry states that Goodkind’s “characters, plots, and themes…are clearly and directly influenced by Rand’s work, and the book’s heroes occasionally invoke Objectivist principles” with Goodkind using the novels to illustrate these themes. Perry notes the Objectivist themes become most obvious in Faith of the Fallen, which made the novel controversial among Goodkind’s fan base; moreover, the novel contains several scenes that echo the plots of Rand’s books The Fountainhead (1943) and Atlas Shrugged (1957).

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