Blockade Billy Audiobook by Stephen King

HorrorBlockade Billy Audiobook by Stephen King
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Stephen King
Narrator: Craig Wasson, Mare Winningham
Series: Unknown
Genre: Horror, One Shot
Updated: 04/02/2024
Listening Time: 2 hrs and 37 mins
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  • 2010 - Blockade Billy (novella - read by Craig Wasson)

Blockade Billy Audiobook: A Home Run into the Shadows of Horror

As I nestled into my favorite armchair, headphones ready, I embarked on a journey not to distant worlds or into the supernatural haunts typical of Stephen King’s repertoire, but to the sun-soaked diamond of America’s pastime – baseball. Blockade Billy promised a tale spun with the threads of mystery and the dark charm only King can weave. The crack of the bat, the roar of the crowd, and an undercurrent of something sinister called to me, and as Craig Wasson’s voice carried me onto the field, I knew this was no ordinary game.

King’s creative finesse is on full display as he constructs a narrative that is as much about baseball as it is about the human psyche. William Blockade Billy Blakely is an enigma wrapped in a pinstripe uniform; his story unfolds with each inning narrated by Wasson, whose emotional portrayal captures every nuance of this haunting character. As I listened, it felt as if I were sitting in those weathered stadium seats, witnessing a legend in the making – a legend that would be scrubbed from history books with eerie thoroughness.

The beauty of King’s storytelling is how effortlessly he lures you into a sense of comfort before unraveling the seams of reality. In Blockade Billy, he plays on nostalgia, on America’s love affair with baseball, only to twist it into something unrecognizable yet captivating. The audiobook’s dynamics are a testament to this duality; Wasson’s performance complements King’s prose perfectly, giving life to each player, each suspense-filled moment leading up to the reveal of Blockade Billy’s harrowing secret.

What resonated with me most profoundly was not just the tale itself but its delivery. The richness of Wasson’s narration evoked a spectrum of emotions – from the adrenaline rush of stolen bases to the chill that crept up my spine as Billy’s true nature emerged from left field. It was a reminder that even in our most cherished institutions, darkness can find a foothold.

After nearly three hours spent under Wasson’s spell, my view of America’s beloved sport will never be quite the same. King has pitched a story that strikes out preconceived notions and hits a narrative home run straight into the heart. The lingering impact is one of awe at how seamlessly horror can intertwine with even the most unexpected backdrops.

For those who revel in King’s ability to transform mundane realities into thrilling escapades – and for anyone who enjoys their mysteries served with peanuts and Cracker Jack – this audiobook stands as a testament to storytelling prowess. And rest assured, fellow audiophiles seeking this gripping experience can download Blockade Billy Audiobook for free at – a treasure trove for ears yearning for adventure.

As I reflect on my time spent with Blockade Billy and his spectral presence on the field, I’m filled with anticipation for my next excursion through audio landscapes crafted by masterful storytellers like Stephen King. Whether it be unraveling mysteries or surviving apocalyptic trials such as those found in The Stand, there’s always another chapter waiting to unfold.

Happy listening – and remember: in baseball as in life, sometimes it’s what you don’t see coming that changes everything. Until our next foray into storyscapes,



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