Finding Cinderella audiobook – Hopeless, Book 2.5

RomanceFinding Cinderella audiobook - Hopeless, Book 2.5
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Colleen Hoover
Narrator: Jason Carpenter
Series: Hopeless
Genre: Romance
Updated: 24/12/2023
Listening Time: Unknown
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Finding Cinderella Audiobook by Colleen Hoover: A Whimsical Romance That Defies Expectations

As the first hints of dawn crept through my curtains, I nestled into my favorite armchair, a refuge from the outside world. It was in these quiet hours that I allowed myself to be transported elsewhere through the magic of storytelling. This morning’s companion was Finding Cinderella by Colleen Hoover, an audiobook that promised a unique twist on a classic tale. The gentle purr of my cat and the soft hum of the city waking up outside my window provided a comforting backdrop as I hit play.

Colleen Hoover has this uncanny ability to draw you into her world from the get-go, and Finding Cinderella is no exception. This isn’t your typical teen romance; it’s a story that pokes at the boundaries of fairytales and reality, blending them with finesse and raw emotion. We meet Daniel and Six, two teenagers disillusioned by the concept of everlasting love – until they give themselves just one hour to experience its purest form.

The idea that true love can be condensed into sixty minutes is both poignant and bittersweet. As someone who has penned stories before turning to blogging about them, I’ve always been fascinated by how authors can take an age-old concept like time-bound love and spin it into something fresh. Hoover does just that, making us question whether we’re listening to a modern-day fairytale or witnessing the harsh truth of fleeting youth.

Daniel’s skepticism towards happy endings mirrors my own cautious approach to romance novels. Yet, Jason Carpenter’s narration brought Daniel’s character to life with such authenticity that I found myself rooting for him. His voice carried me through every nuance of emotion – from cynicism to hope, disbelief to wonder – as if I were walking alongside Daniel on his journey.

Hoover’s portrayal of teenage angst is spot-on; it tugs at your heartstrings without veering into melodrama. The chemistry between Daniel and Six unfolds with an intensity that makes their brief encounter feel like an eternity. It’s a testament to Hoover’s writing prowess that she can create such depth in characters so young and make their experiences resonate with listeners across ages.

What sets this audiobook apart from others in the series is its standalone charm – it doesn’t rely on prior knowledge of Hopeless or Losing Hope, yet it enriches the universe Hoover has crafted. It defies predictability, offering listeners something novel and unexpected.

And speaking of unexpected perks – did you know you can dive into this enchanting story without spending a dime? That’s right! Thanks to, you can download and listen to Finding Cinderella for free! For someone who consumes audiobooks like oxygen, discovering this gem at no cost was like finding my very own glass slipper.

In closing, Finding Cinderella is more than just another addition to a popular series; it’s a narrative that celebrates imperfection and serendipity in love. As I paused the audiobook with a satisfied sigh, watching the sunlight spill across my living room floor, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for these moments where fiction reminds us to cherish every minute – because sometimes an hour is all it takes to change your life.

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