Full Dark No Stars Audiobook By Stephen King

Science Fiction & FantasyFull Dark No Stars Audiobook By Stephen King
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Stephen King
Narrator: Unknown
Series: Unknown
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, One Shot
Updated: 12/12/2023
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Full Dark No Stars Free Download

A novella that is written by Stephen King and published in the November of 2010, Full Dark No Stars audiobook free is part of a four-part series that all contain the theme of retribution.

Retribution is the punishment that is given to someone as a form of revenge after they have committed a crime.

In this novella written by the American author, there are four parts, each by a different name, “1922”, “Big Driver”, “Fair Extension”, and, “A Good Marriage”. Each of these parts or stories deal with their own characters and how they handle their relationships in the darkest forms.

About Audiobook

The title names of all four of the novellas were released on April 2, 2010, on King’s official website. Full Dark No Stars audiobook Mp3 is the third collection of four-part novellas written by Stephen King.

Two of these novellas, “A Good Marriage Audiobook” and “Big Driver Audiobook” was the subject of some media adaptations. Both were adopted to movies, however, A Good Marriage was written and released theatrically whereas Big Driver was a television movie.

The Author

Stephen King, although accustomed to writing books of the horror fiction genre described writing Full Dark No Stars audiobook free as one of the most difficult pieces he had ever written.

Often described by many as “profoundly nasty”, these four novellas will really touch you if you’ve ever wondered about the aftermath of the crimes that people commit.

After the release of these novellas, Stephen King stated that he had the desire to have these stories remain in the readers’ minds even after they had finished reading it.

Plot Summary

The plot summary for this book is rather different as all four novellas will have separate summaries.

Beginning with “1922”, King opens the story with a compelling confession by Wilfred Leland James. In this dark tale, James is one-night awakened by his wife who makes an offer to sell off the old family home and move to Omaha. What James is not aware of is that this simple offer will set in motion a brutal series of murders and insanity.

In the next novella, “Big Driver”, a writer of mystery named Tess meets a stranger while traveling on a back road in Massachusetts after her book-club meeting. After the poor girl is raped and left to die, Tess begins to think of a complot that awakens the stranger in her and deals with her terrifying past.

The third novella in this series is also the shortest of them, “Fair Extension” deals with a man named Dave Streeter who makes a deal with the devil that saves Dave from a cancer disease but also leaves him with a lifetime of guilt.

Every time a good thing happens to Dave, something bad will happen to someone he hates. That person later turns out to be Dave’s supposed best friend.

The last in this mystery series is “A Good Marriage”.  Darcy Anderson is a stay-at-home wife whose husband of 20 years is away on a business trip. One night in her garage, Darcy finds a box that is evidence to the fact that her husband may be a serial killer. A revelation that is bound to end a perfectly good marriage.

Editorial Review

Full Dark No Stars Audiobook Free Download
Full Dark No Stars Audiobook Free Download

Typically receiving positive reviews, Full Dark No Stars Audiobook Free Download faced only about 25% of some negative views. Some of these were based on the fact that King has left the topic of reality.

On the other hand, King’s famous book received the Bram Stoker award in 2011 for best collection and was nominated for a British Fantasy Award also in 2011.


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