Not Just Another Fae Audiobook – Vegas Fae #4

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Not Just Another Fae Audiobook Streaming Online By Tom Keller

Not Just Another Fae Audiobook Free Download
Not Just Another Fae Audiobook Free Download

From the author of Return of the High Fae, and Of Gods and Fae, Not Just Another Fae Audiobook is book four in the Vegas Fae Stories. Since I do audio, I listened all day while I worked. If you like this genre you will enjoy this book.

Plot Summary

Ex-cop and PI Robert Hoskins knows some cases are tougher than others, especially when dark magic is involved. A call from the local pack master about some missing weres is more than it seems. Portals to the underworld have opened, and ancient creatures long thought dead have returned. As a fae, Robert’s faced off with demons before but always as the hunter, never the prey.

What magic force has opened the portals, and why is it travelling through the hells of the underworld releasing demons in its wake? Robert needs old friends and new allies to find out. But knowing what the problem is won’t be enough. He has to find a way to stop it, making this his most difficult case of all.

About the Author

Tom Keller is a retired cop and former computer forensic expert who’s also spent time as a Federal Public Defender investigator. Back in the early days he was a busboy, a cook, and a shoe and real estate salesman. He’s taught courses at the local Community College as well as lectured to others in his field on a variety of topics.

Audiobook Reviews

Story: The characters are developing rather quickly now and the storyline is getting more compelling with each book. Robert is trying his best to keep the evil ones at bay, but they are really giving him a run for his money. I love how Robert doesn’t let his power go to his head and try to control everything and everyone, just because he found out he’s a King.

Not Just Another Fae Audiobook is such a wonderful listen, and the fact that it’s urban fantasy written for adults, as well as teens, makes it that much more loveable to me. I don’t have to try to “think” like a teenager to “get” it.

This audiobook left us hanging on the end as to if the evil was defeated or not. Really able to visualize the scenes and characters in this book. Hope to see more by this author

Narrator: The Narrator does a great job and really brings the story and characters to life. Andrew Troth does a decent job with different characters but has an odd cadence to his speech which is off-putting at first. This is one of the reasons I’ve really enjoyed this audiobook.

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Narrated by: Andrew S. Troth
Series: Vegas Fae Stories, Book 4
Length: 8 hrs and 9 mins
Categories: Mysteries & Thrillers

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