Of Gods and Fae Audiobook – Vegas Fae #2

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Of Gods and Fae Audiobook Streaming Online By Tom Kellera

Of Gods and Fae Audiobook Free Download
Of Gods and Fae Audiobook Free Download

Of Gods and Fae Audiobook is the 2nd book in the Vegas Fae Audiobook series by Tom Keller.

The second audiobook in the continuing adventures of Robert Hoskins, who learns he has mysterious powers that have been hidden from him for his entire life. He learns that the only world he has know is intertwined with one he just learned about and both are interconnected yet independent of each other.

Plot Summary

You see plenty of strange things when you’re a PI in Las Vegas, but even that couldn’t prepare ex-cop Robert Hoskins for what was to come. At first he couldn’t believe that all those stories he’d been told as a child were true. But hearing that the fae had taken the casinos over from the mob was something else. Elves, dwarves, werewolves and faeries were just the beginning and battling dark mages, the opening act.

Having banished his enemy to the cold hell of Tartarus, he’ll now have to travel to the fae lands to claim his birthright. Along the way, and after, there’s demons and dragons to fight and a trip down the river Styx to the gates of Hades itself is on the playlist if he’ll want to defeat the dark fae’s minions and undo an ancient curse.

Sin City will never be the same.

About the Author

Tom Keller is a retired cop and former computer forensic expert who’s also spent time as a Federal Public Defender investigator. Back in the early days he was a busboy, a cook, and a shoe and real estate salesman. He’s taught courses at the local Community College as well as lectured to others in his field on a variety of topics.

Audiobook Reviews

Story: I love the characters and storylines! I do have some favorites and enjoy learning about each character’s history. The characters continue to evolve in Of Gods and Fae Audiobook Mp3 and new characters are introduced.

The author is able to paint a picture the reader can easily envision. There are dwarves, elves and fairies accompanied by vampire-like creatures, werewolves, dragons, demons, gods and more.

Of Gods and Fae is well written and very enjoyable. The listener does not have to listen to the first audiobook in the series to understand this book although doing so will certainly make the reading experience much more enjoyable.

Narrator: The audio sounds is not good, like the performance was recorded through a tube. Andrew Troth does a decent job with different characters but has an odd cadence to his speech which is off-putting at first.

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Narrated by: Andrew Troth
Series: Vegas Fae Stories, Book 2
Length: 8 hrs and 30 mins
Categories: Mysteries & Thrillers

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