Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Audiobook by Stephen Fry – HP02

Science Fiction & FantasyHarry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Audiobook by Stephen Fry -...
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: J.K. Rowling
Narrator: Stephen Fry
Series: Harry Potter
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Harry Potter Audiobooks
Updated: 16/02/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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  • Soulful_Exploration
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 1 - The Worst Birthday
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 2 - Dobby's Warning
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 3 - The Burrow
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 4 - At Flourish and Blotts
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 5 - The Whomping Willow
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 6 - Gilderoy Lockhart
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 7 - Mudbloods and Murmurs
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 8 - The Deathday Party
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 9 - The Writing on the Wall
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 10 - The Rogue Bludger
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 11 - The Duelling Club
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 12 - The Polyjuice Potion
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 13 - The Very Secret Diary
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 14 - Cornelius Fudge
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 15 - Aragog
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 16 - The Chamber of Secrets
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 17 - The Heir of Slytherin
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Chapter 18 - Dobby's Reward
  • HP2 - The Chamber of Secrets - Preview of Book 3

You have two captivating audiobook versions to choose from:

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Audiobook by Stephen Fry – A Magical Adventure Continues

Prepare to delve into the enchanting world of Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Audiobook, the thrilling second installment in J.K. Rowling’s beloved series. Once again, the magical storytelling talents of Stephen Fry come to life in this captivating audiobook.

As Harry embarks on his second year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he anticipates a year of tranquility compared to his previous adventures. Little does he know that Hogwarts is about to become the backdrop for a series of mysterious and sinister events, with a dark secret lurking in the depths of the castle.

Plot Summary

A series of messages on the walls of the school’s corridors warns that the “Chamber of Secrets” has been opened and that the “heir of Slytherin” would kill all pupils who do not come from all-magical families. As the attacks continue, Harry, Ron, and Hermione investigate, hoping to uncover the truth behind the Chamber of Secrets and stop the attacks before it’s too late.

The trio’s investigation takes them on a thrilling journey filled with danger and magic as they try to unravel the mystery of the Chamber of Secrets and the identity of the heir of Slytherin. Along the way, they encounter new characters and creatures in the wizarding world, including the stuck-up new professor, Gilderoy Lockhart, and Moaning Myrtle, a ghost who haunts the girls’ bathroom.

The Mystery at the climax of this audiobook is stupefying!

The second year at Hogwarts should be smoother sailing, right? Not so. Life at Hogwarts was indeed being different for Harry and his friends in their second year than their first year due to the mysterious “deaths” occurring around the castle.

Fresh torments and horrors arise, including an outrageously stuck-up new professor, Gilderoy Lockhart, a spirit named Moaning Myrtle who haunts the girls’ bathroom, and the unwanted attentions of Ron Weasley’s younger sister, Ginny.

And, more troublesome this year, some evil force is turning Muggle-born students (those born to humans, without magical blood, including Harry’s pal Hermione) to stone. Who could be doing such a thing? Throughout the year, Harry and his friends Ron and Hermione investigate the attacks.

Can J.K. Rowling ever let her fans down?

The answer is an obvious NO. Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Audiobook Online Streaming is as good as Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Audiobook.

In fact, things get even more intense in this sequel, and since we have already seen the movie, we know they will keep escalating. J.K. Rowling has also added a fair amount of humor in the audiobook. There was an incredibly funny part from the wizard’s duel which had us laughing out loud but that sadly never made it into the movie.

Despite the fact that some critics thought this may too frightening for little children, the audiobook won high praise and awards from readers and the book industry also.

Let’s unveil the secret with Harry by listening to this audiobook right now!

Listen and download Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Audiobook free
Listen and download Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Audiobook free

The Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets audiobook free is a must-listen for fans of the wizarding world. It continues the story of Harry, Ron, and Hermione’s adventures at Hogwarts and introduces new characters and creatures to the magical world.

Like the first book, the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets audiobook is filled with humor, excitement, and suspense. It will keep you on the edge of your seat as you follow Harry and his friends on their quest to save Hogwarts from the mysterious attacks.


Stephen Fry is the reader for the UK version of all Harry Potter Audiobooks. I’m willing to call Stephen Fry’s readings super great with a gravitas about his reading. Partially, it’s because he has a deep voice and a sense of how to slow down and lend an ominous quality to certain passages.


Join Harry, Ron, and Hermione for another year of adventure at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry with the Chamber of Secrets. Discover the magic and mystery of the wizarding world as the trio investigates the mysterious attacks on Hogwarts students.

Don’t miss out on the thrilling adventure that awaits you in this audiobook.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Audiobook mp3 includes the chapters as below:

  • Chapter 2-1 The Worst Brithday
  • Chapter 2-2 Dobby’s Warning
  • Chapter 2-3 The Burrow
  • Chapter 2-4 At Flourish and Botts
  • Chapter 2-5 The Whomping Willow
  • Chapter 2-6 Gilderoy Lockhart
  • Chapter 2-7 Mudbloods an Murmurs
  • Chapter 2-8 The Deathday Party
  • Chapter 2-9 The writing on the Wall
  • Chapter 2-10 The Rogue Bludger
  • Chapter 2-11 The Dueling Club
  • Chapter 2-12 The Polyjuice Potion
  • Chapter 2-13 The Very Secret Diary
  • Chapter 2-14 Cornelius Fudge
  • Chapter 2-15 Aragog
  • Chapter 2-16 The Chamber of Secrets
  • Chapter 2-17 The heir of Slytherin
  • Chapter 2-18 Dobby’s reward
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