IT Audiobook by Stephen King

HorrorIT Audiobook by Stephen King
4.9/5 - (162 votes)
Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Stephen King
Narrator: Steven Weber

Genre: Horror, One Shot
Updated: 04/11/2023
Listening Time: Unknown
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IT Audiobook Free Download

Many people today prefer listening to books rather than reading them. This may be due to lack of time due to busy routines, or simply because audiobooks are a more immersive experience.

When it comes to horror books, Stephen King IT Audiobook is considered one of the greats. The plot, the narration, everything is perfect. The book was considered so good that it was narrated into an audiobook, and it even got its own feature film in 2017, which made more than $700 million in the box office.

Plot Summary

The story is set in Derry, Maine in 1985. Seven friends have returned to the town after 27 years. The plot actually revolves between two timelines, one when they were 11 and the present time. Derry has been known to have a clown called Pennywise also referred to as “IT.” It resurfaces every 27 years to terrorize the town.

IT is an unearthly creature that has lived under Derry in the sewer system for many years. He kills and dismembers children whenever he resurfaces. This year, the seven friends who have returned back to town decide to put an end to his existence once and for all. These seven friends are the only surviving witnesses of IT and its dark shenanigans back in 1958 when IT first resurfaced.

IT Audiobook Free Download starts by following Georgie, a 5-year-old boy chasing a paper boat on the road during a storm. The boat finds its way into a sewer. Georgie is found later near that sewer, dead, with his arm torn off. The mystery drives his elder brother Bill, to find out more and put an end to the curse that is eating away at Derry, Maine.

These 7 friends are founders and the only members of the losers’ club. They now find themselves to be part of all sorts of professions, have to make a plan to execute Pennywise the Clown for good.


Stephen King's It
Stephen King’s It

IT is a fantastic horror audiobook that entices audiences of all ages. The fact that it actually combines two timelines makes it more relatable as well. The descriptions of the town, the story, the characters, and the villain are all so elaborate and detailed that you feel a part of it all. The book is over a 1000 pages long, and the audiobook is almost 45 hours, but that makes it that much more immersive.

Unlike many horror audiobooks, the “heroes” in It by Stephen King have been portrayed like normal human beings with flaws. None of the seven friends is perfect, and that is the way it should be. Everything about the book is petrifying, and one should not expect anything less from the great Stephen King. This book is arguably the one that got him the most fame in the horror genre. Each second of it is a pleasure and an experience to listen to. If you are holding back due to the generation, I assure you that it would be worth the time.


The book was narrated by Steven Weber. He is an American actor who has had roles in a lot of movies and short films. His narration of IT was astonishing. The pitch and voice were perfect for every scene, and it felt really smooth. Steven’s voice and style made the already amazing book even greater pleasure to experience.


The author Stephen King is an American author known for his mind-blowing horror and science fiction stories. He is said to be by many as the greatest storyteller of all time. His audiobook IT lives up to all expectations and exceeds them. A lot of his material has received movie adaptations as well.

Download and Listen Free!

This audiobook mp3 is almost 45 hours long, yet the narration is so enticing that you get hooked instantly and those 45 hours just fly by.


  1. Are you doing an update? I keep getting an ERROR while trying to load any book. I’m trying to listen to Stephen Kings It


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