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Monster Hunter Alpha Audiobook – MH 3

Monster Hunter Alpha Audiobook – MH 3
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Unveiling Secrets – Monster Hunter Alpha Audiobook Adventure

Hello, fellow audiobook enthusiasts! Today, we embark on a thrilling journey with the Monster Hunter Alpha audiobook, the next chapter in the Monster Hunter series by the talented Larry Correia, narrated by Oliver Wyman. This time, we’re leaving Owen Zastava behind and following everyone’s favorite ass-kicker, Earl Harbinger.

In this story, Correia shifts the perspective to the third person, offering a fresh take on the story. Some may find it challenging to leave the main character they’ve followed for two audiobooks, but others might welcome the opportunity to explore new dimensions of the series.

What’s certain is that all the world-building and action you love from the previous books are still very much present in this audiobook. Monster Hunter Alpha succeeds in feeling fresh and different while retaining the core elements that make the series so compelling.

Larry Correia takes an in-depth look at the characters and gives Earl his own story, slowly tantalizingly unraveling his secret past. With each chapter, you’ll get a deeper glimpse into Earl’s history, answering the questions you’ve been wondering about since the first two audiobooks.

As one reader aptly puts it, “A lesser writer would have great difficulty juggling the various plot lines, but Correia handles them with ease. Each plot line is interesting, well-written, and memorable.” The addition of the rival monster-hunting company sinking in over their heads adds to the excitement and entertainment.

So, if you’re ready for a fresh perspective and secrets unveiled, the Monster Hunter Alpha audiobook is a must-listen. Larry Correia and Oliver Wyman are ready to take you on a thrilling ride, and you won’t be disappointed.

Don’t miss the opportunity to dive into this new adventure. Happy listening!



  1. Does anyone else hear Christopher Walken when the narrator reads the lines for Nokolai Petrovich? Maybe not the way I imagined it, but rethinking it, Christopher Walken playing that role would be amazing!


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