10 Fun Facts About Harry Potter Audio Books that Listeners Turn a Blind Eye

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Have you ever wonder about these fun facts below when listening to Harry Potter Audio Books? Let’s find traces to discover the confusing questions about the smart and brave wizard Harry Potter.


1. Why is Harry still wearing glasses?

Harry is wearing glasses
Harry is wearing glasses

Naturally, nearsightedness is required, but it is these glasses that cause Harry lots of problems. Living in such a magical magical world, it was strange that Harry did not use any magic to enhance his eyesight.

Did Pomfrey nurse recovered a broken arm that was healed overnight, but there was no solution to Harry’s nearsightedness?

2. Should Harry study harder?

Harry and Ron in the magic class
Harry and Ron in the magic class

Every school has lazy students, and Hogwarts is no exception. If Ron’s score is always not good enough, Harry is not much better than his best friend. Throughout the series, Harry faced many creatures and challenges that he knew nothing about. If Harry concentrated on listening to lectures, would things be different?

3. Harry has not graduated Hogwarts?

The wizard school Hogwarts

Life at the wizard school Hogwarts is carefully exploited in the first six parts of the audiobook series, but until the end, listeners only see Harry, Ron and Hermione on “truancy” days with the task of saving the world. In the end, only the hardworking Hermione decided to return to school. Is it true that in the wizarding world, the achievements of fighting with the dark forces are also considered a graduation module?

4. Does Harry dislike riding a flying broom?

Harry is riding a flying broom

Among the innate talents of Harry, we can not help but mention the ability to control the extremely skilled flying broom. From the very first time Harry rode a broom in the Philosopher’s Stone Audiobook, he showed himself to be an outstanding talent.

However, Harry didn’t seem to appreciate the magic broom’s effect because he rarely touched it, even in the tough challenges like in the final battle with Voldemort or when confronting Basilisk in the Chamber of Secret Audiobook.

5. Is Harry the cause of Dumbledore’s “dismissal”?

Harry Potter and Dumbledore's Army
Harry Potter and Dumbledore’s Army

In Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Audiobook, to confront Professor Dolores Umbridge, Harry formed an army of witches and named the Dumbledore’s Army. It was this name that caused a lot of annoyance when it was discovered by Professor Umbridge. The Ministry of Magic also thought that Dumbledore was the one who guided Harry to create this army. Dumbledore was “demoted” and Dolores Umbridge became principal of Hogwarts. If Harry chose a different name, would the principal of the magic school change his master?

6. Does Harry rely on Hermione too much?

Harry and Hermione

Despite being the protagonist of the series, Harry is not always a “Key team player”. Behind the difficult challenges and the last-minute plans is the intelligent and beautiful girl Hermione. I always wonder that if the trio lacks the outstanding talent of Hermione, Harry and Ron will preserve life?

7. Did Harry “steal” your classmates’ identities?

Draco Malfoy

In Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets Audiobook, Harry suspects that Draco Malfoy is the descendant of the Slytherin and the mastermind behind the strange attacks that happened that year. In order to carry out the task of “catching” Malfoy, Hermione devised a plan to make other classmates comatose and pretend to be them.

Although the wizarding world has many differences, isn’t it in the ordinary world that this is the act of stealing the identity of others? It is strange that a strict school like Hogwarts does not have any rules that prevent pretending to be other people.

8. Harry “tracked” illegal people thanks to The Marauder’s Map?

The Marauder's Map

Harry is quite lucky to own a lot of useful magic items, including The Marauder’s Map he received from Fred and George Weasley. This map details the Hogwarts school map and shows the exact location of each person and creature in the school. Useful is really helpful, but thinking about how I’m being watched every step, not every Hogwarts student is comfortable with this.

9. Does Harry have “money” and doesn’t know how to spend it?

Harry Potter and Gringotts Bank

In Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone Audiobook, Harry not only found himself a witch, learned the truth about his parents, but also knew that his parents had left him an inheritance. However, this money is not touched by Harry, whether to solve the problems in the wizarding world or in the normal world. Isn’t there any magic that can turn Harry’s gold vault into money?

10. Is Harry the cause of the Hogwarts Battle?

Harry Potter the final batter

The Battle of Hogwarts is perhaps the scene that impresses the Harry Potter fans the most. It seems the whole series was built towards the end result of this epic battle. Harry, Ron and Hermione return to Hogwarts to find the Last Horcrux. Harry should have chosen to hide in a cloak of invisibility, but he “innocently” announced his presence to everyone. The battle of Hogwarts probably wouldn’t have happened had Harry had acted more discreetly.

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