The Score audiobook – Off-Campus, Book 3

RomanceThe Score audiobook - Off-Campus, Book 3
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Elle Kennedy
Narrator: Andrew Eiden, Savannah Peachwood
Series: Off-Campus
Genre: Romance
Updated: 28/02/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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The Score Audiobook by Elle Kennedy: A Symphony of Passion and Heartache in the Rink of Romance

As a crisp autumn wind whispered through the half-open window of my home office, I nestled into the familiar embrace of my well-worn armchair. It was one of those rare evenings where the world seemed to pause, and I allowed myself the indulgence of being swept away by The Score audiobook by Elle Kennedy. With each turn of phrase and emotional nuance delivered by narrators Savannah Peachwood and Andrew Eiden, I found myself not just an observer but a confidant to the unfolding drama.

Allie Hayes stands at life’s precipice, her future as uncertain as the fluttering leaves outside. Her internal struggle is one I’ve grappled with myself – that daunting question of ‘what comes next?’ after the chapter of academia closes. Elle Kennedy has crafted Allie’s character with such authenticity that her heartbreak feels palpable, stirring within me a poignant blend of empathy and nostalgia for my own crossroads faced years ago.

Then there’s Dean Di Laurentis – hockey star, charmer, and unexpected catalyst in Allie’s life. His pursuit is relentless yet vulnerable, and through Andrew Eiden’s compelling narration, Dean’s layers unfold revealing more than just a playboy facade. As a former author who revels in rich character arcs, I’m drawn to Dean’s transformation from carefree jock to a man earnestly vying for something real.

The chemistry between Allie and Dean crackles with intensity; it’s as if Peachwood and Eiden aren’t merely reading lines but channeling the very essence of these star-crossed lovers. The raw emotion in their voices transported me onto the icy rink where every slip and slide in their relationship felt like a dance – sometimes graceful, other times desperately clinging to balance.

What makes this experience even more enthralling is knowing that such an evocative tale is readily available at no cost on It’s akin to finding a hidden treasure chest brimming with stories that demand nothing but your time and imagination. The Score awaits there too, inviting listeners to download its melody of intimacy and personal growth without dipping into their wallets.

Elle Kennedy has indeed ascended rapidly in literary circles with good reason; her narrative prowess shines brightly in The Score. She weaves intimacy with emotional depth, steering clear from clichés often marring contemporary romance novels. Instead, she gifts her readers with characters who evolve before our ears – flawed yet striving for something beyond fleeting pleasure.

As I reflect on Allie and Dean’s journey towards understanding themselves and each other, I’m reminded that love is not just about grand gestures or perfect moments; it’s also found in the messy, uncertain paths we tread together. The novel isn’t simply about romance; it’s a testament to facing life’s unpredictability head-on – whether on campus grounds or within one’s own heart.

As night fully claimed the sky outside my window and my audiobook drew to a close, there lingered an echo of applause for an author who deftly captures human desire in all its complexity. For those seeking not just heat but heart within their romance reads – lace up your skates; “The Score” promises an unforgettable glide across love’s unpredictable ice.

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