The Dark Tower #3: The Waste Lands Audiobook

The Dark Tower #3: The Waste Lands Audiobook
4.1/5 - (49 votes)
Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Stephen King
Narrator: Frank Muller
Series: The Dark Tower
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Horror
Updated: 12/12/2023
Listening Time: 18 hrs and 14 mins
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The Waste Lands Audiobook Overview

“Behold ye, the return of the White! After evil ways and evil days, the White comes again! Be of good heart and hold up your heads, for ye have lived to see the wheel of ka begin to turn once more!”

Stephen King’s ambitious and challenging Dark Tower series continues with the third novel, The Waste Lands, first published in 1991.


The Dark Tower III: The Waste Lands Audiobook is the third novel in Stephen King’s The Dark Tower Series. The subtitle of this book is REDEMPTION.

The Waste Lands Audiobook Mp3 continues the beautifully woven tale already begun and I find that the Dark Tower is a series that just keeps on giving. In closing, I would like to offer a little advice if I may? If you are going to read the series in its entirety, try and read each volume back to back – it is so much better this way.

The Waste Lands Plot Summary

In the third volume of The Dark Tower series, Roland, the last gunslinger, is moving ever closer to the Dark Tower that haunts his dreams and nightmares. But he is no longer alone. He has trained Eddie and Susannah, who entered Mid-World from their separate when in New York City in The Drawing of the Three, in the old ways of the gunslingers. But their ka-tet is not yet complete.

Another must be drawn from New York into Mid-World, someone who has been there before, a boy who has died not once but twice, and yet still lives. The ka-tet, four who are bound together by fate, must travel far in this novel encountering not only the poisonous waste lands and the ravaged city of Lud that lies beyond but also the rage of a train that might be their only means of escape.

Audiobook Review

Written by: Stephen King
Narrated by: Frank Muller
Length: 18 hrs and 14 mins
Release Date:14/06/2012
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

The Waste Lands is probably my favorite Dark Tower audiobook and epitomizes what I like about the series. It’s got the lost technology, lots of action, more bits about Roland’s world, and makes Roland’s ka-tet complete. The story of Jake in New York was well done.

I even liked Oy the Billy-Bumbler. All the stuff that goes down in Lud had me dying to read the next book in the series. The ending would have made me furious had I been reading the Dark Tower books as they were published.

I’m totally hooked on this series and can’t wait to continue with the next installment. I love listening to Frank Muller read this, he does a brilliant job transporting me into the story!

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