Under the Dome Audiobook by Stephen King

Science Fiction & FantasyUnder the Dome Audiobook by Stephen King
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Unknown
Narrator: Unknown

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, One Shot
Updated: 30/01/2024
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  • Soulful_Exploration
  • 01-UTD-The Airplane, and The Woodchuck
  • 02-UTD-Barbie
  • 03-UTD-Junior and Angie
  • 04-UTD-Highways and By-Ways
  • 05-UTD-Lotta Dead Birds
  • 06-UTD-Clustermug
  • 07-UTD-We All Support the Team
  • 08-UTD-The Good of the Town - The Good of the People
  • 09-UTD-Prayers
  • 10-UTD-Madness - Blindness - Astonishment of the Heart
  • 11-UTD-This Is NOT As Bad As It Gets
  • 12-UTD-Nyuck-Nyuck-Nyuck-pt1of2
  • 13-UTD-Nyuck-Nyuck-Nyuck-pt2of2
  • 14-UTD-Missile Strike Imminent-pt1of2
  • 15-UTD-Missile Strike Imminent-pt2of2
  • 16-UTD-In the Frame-pt1of2
  • 17-UTD-In the Frame-pt2of2
  • 18-UTD-Pink Stars Falling-pt1of2
  • 19-UTD-Pink Stars Falling-pt2of2
  • 20-UTD-Feeling It-pt1of2
  • 21-UTD-Feeling It-pt2of2
  • 22-UTD-In the Jug-pt1of2
  • 23-UTD-In the Jug-pt2of2
  • 24-UTD-Salt-pt1of2
  • 25-UTD-Salt-pt2of2
  • 26-UTD-Ashes-pt1of2
  • 27-UTD-Ashes-pt2of2
  • 28-UTD-Play That Dead Band Song-pt1of2
  • 29-UTD-Play That Dead Band Song-pt2of2
  • 30-UTD-Busted-pt1of2
  • 31-UTD-Busted-pt2of2
  • 32-UTD-Blood Everywhere-pt1of2
  • 33-UTD-Blood Everywhere-pt2of2
  • 34-UTD-Ants-pt1of2
  • 35-UTD-Ants-pt2of2
  • 36-UTD-Halloween Comes Early-pt1of2
  • 37-UTD-Halloween Comes Early-pt2of2
  • 38-UTD-Survivors-pt1of2
  • 39-UTD-Survivors-pt2of2
  • 40-UTD-Wear It Home - It will Look Like A Dress
  • 41-UTD-Author's Note
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Under the Dome Audiobook Free Download

Another science fiction novel, written by the well-renowned write, Stephen King, Under the Dome audiobook (read by Raul Esparza), is said to be the writer’s third longest novel where it has around 1,072 pages.

Inspiration for the hit television series, Stephen King Under the Dome, follows the story of a town in a post-apocalyptic time that is cut-off from the rest of the world.

Audiobook Background

The novel was first published in November of 2009. Alongside some normal editions, some 25,000 collectors editions were released. Moreover, a total of 1500 signed copies of Under the Dome were released. These special editions included several illustrations as well as were printed on specialty paper.

Many famous websites marketed King’s novel. Also, an alternate reality game was placed on these websites as a way of marketing and promotion.

The Author – Stephen King

Under the Dome was actually written a second time when it was published in 2009. King had previously attempted to write a novel under the same title in 1972 and a second time in 1982 under the title name “The Cannibals”. King, however, disregarded these two pieces as he felt they were not good enough.

Later, it came to attention that Under the Dome was actually a combination of both these previous works and finally released.

Plot Summary

On October 21, 2017, a small town in Maine is abruptly separated from the whole outside world by an invisible barrier that no one seems to understand.

This barrier causes many injuries and deaths as well as prevents Dale Barbara “Barbie” from leaving the town because of a dispute.

The Police Chief “Duke” Perkins is killed tragically after he moves too close to the barrier and his pacemaker explodes. After his death, the town must hand over power to the second in command, James “Big Jim” Rennie. Big Jim is more than happy to take over this position and begins to exert an influence on the town.

Big Jim begins to appoint questionable individuals in the places of important positions such as police chief and places his ignorant and disrespectful son on the police force, not knowing that his son has a history of beating and killing two girls.

After news of the town’s problem reaches Barbie, he alongside a team of individuals including a town newspaper owner, Julia Shumway, a physician’s assistant from the hospital, three brave kids and, a selectwoman stand together to bring peace back to their town and take down Big Jim.

Under the Dome Audiobook by Stephen King
Under the Dome Audiobook by Stephen King

A device is later found on a farm and is said to be extraterrestrial. It is said to be the object that causes the dome to rise. Big Jim and his team impose a restriction on the area of the strange object and become even more brutal to the town’s people.

Later in the story, a meth-production lab explodes as a result of a fight and positions almost the majority of the town. This explosion kills the town people and all that’s left are a total of 300 people.

After Barbie and Julia convince their captors to release them, the dome slowly begins to rise and vanishes, releasing the toxic air and freeing the limited town’s people once again.

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Under the Dome Audiobook Mp3 Download received many positive reviews including being number 1 on The New York Times best-selling thriller list.

Many literary magazines and blogs called King’s novel addictive and compelling.


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