UR Audiobook by Stephen King Free Download

Science Fiction & FantasyUR Audiobook by Stephen King Free Download
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Stephen King
Narrator: Unknown

Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, One Shot
Updated: 21/11/2023
Listening Time: Unknown
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  • Soulful_Exploration
  • 2009 - UR (novella - read by Holter Graham)
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UR Audiobook Free Download

Stephen King UR Audiobook Free
Stephen King UR Audiobook Free

Another novella written by the acclaimed Stephen King, Ur audiobook was written especially for the platform of Amazon Kindle. It became available on the Kindle on February 12, 2009.

The Ur Audiobook Download was released on February 16, 2010, by Simon and Schuster Audio and was read by Holter Graham.

A rather different genre than most of King’s books, this novella is of the science fiction genre.

The Author

Ever since his first novel was published in 1974, King has been no stranger to tapping into different genres and storylines. He is an author who expands his readers’ experiences by giving them an extensive variety of extremely different books.

This particular novella was the first of its kind as it was released on a digital platform. Ur is definitely a story that will take you to a different world, literally, and is perfect for a reader who wants to enjoy a perfect mix of science and fiction and classic literature.

Plot Summary

Wesley Smith is a teacher of English at a college in Kentucky. He wants to go to a new school after he has a fight with his girlfriend where she states that Wesley should just read off of a computer like “a normal person”. Out of spite, Wesley decides to buy a Kindle.

Because of some minor mistakes in his credit card number, Wesley receives a pink Kindle, which is unusual as, at the time, Kindles only came in the color White.

After he spends some time searching the e-reader, he soon realizes that this device was meant to be sent to someone also named Wesley Smith that comes from a parallel universe.

Smith later finds a strange function in his Kindle that goes by the name of “UR”. It can access data and literature from alternate timelines.

Stephen King UR Audiobook Free Download
Stephen King UR Audiobook Free Download

After conducting some further searches, Smith finds many works by Edgar Allen Poe and William Shakespeare that were written in the other timelines. He then finds another feature that shows newspapers from different timelines.

After Smith and his two friends request a paper from The New York Times from a certain date but find that on the specific date, the world had ended due to a missile crisis that led to a World War III.

After Smith and his friends interfere in the alternate timelines and try to solve various problems, they return home to find “Low Men in Yellow Coats” (these men were introduced in King’s book Hearts in Atlantis).

These men are here to punish Smith because of his interference but ultimately decide that taking away the Kindle is the best option.

Towards the end of the novella, Smith realizes that he would like to reunite with his girlfriend.

Editorial Review

Ur Audiobook Online Streaming has received many positive reviews from both its readers and critics. Although not the recipient of many awards, it was one to receive five figures in the first few weeks of its release.

Download and Listen!

In an interview about his novella, King stated that he had previously been thinking of writing a story that involves a guy receiving emails from the dead. King believed that people would be more interested in the business aspect of the novella rather than the plot itself.

However, he revealed that he did like the storyline which is why he decided to take it.

King further stated that he was well aware that he would be receiving hate from some literary blogs on acting too much in favor of tech entrepreneurs. He then stated that it did not bother him too much as he has received hate before and it does not affect him.


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