A Dance with Dragons Audiobook free – ASoIaF 5

A Dance with Dragons Audiobook free - ASoIaF 5
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: George R. R. Martin
Narrator: Roy Dotrice
Series: A Song of Ice and Fire
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Updated: 12/12/2023
Listening Time: 49h
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  • Soulful_Exploration
  • 00 - Prologue(1)
  • 01 - Tyrion I
  • 02 - Daenerys I
  • 03 - Jon I
  • 04 - Bran I
  • 05 - Tyrion I
  • 06 - The Merchants Man
  • 07 - Jon II
  • 08 - Tyrion III
  • 09 - Davos I
  • 10 - Jon III
  • 11 - Daenerys II
  • 12 - Reek I
  • 13 - Bran II
  • 14 - Tyrion IV
  • 15 - Davos II
  • 16 - Daenerys III
  • 17 - Jon IV
  • 18 - Tyrion V
  • 19 - Davos III
  • 20 - Reek II
  • 21 - Jon V
  • 22 - Tyrion VI
  • 23 - Daenerys IV
  • 24 - The Lost Lord
  • 25 - The Windblown
  • 26 - The Wayward Bride
  • 27 - Tyrion VII
  • 28 - Jon VI
  • 29 - Davos IV
  • 30 - Daenerys V
  • 31 - Melisandre I
  • 32 - Reek III
  • 33 - Tyrion VIII
  • 34 - Bran III
  • 35 - Jon VII
  • 36 - Daenerys VI
  • 37 - The Prince of Winterfell
  • 38 - The Watcher
  • 39 - Jon VIII
  • 40 - Tyrion IX
  • 41 - The Turncloak
  • 42 - The Kings Prize
  • 43 - Daenerys VII
  • 44 - Jon IX
  • 45 - The Blind Girl
  • 46 - A Ghost in Winterfell
  • 47 - Tyrion X
  • 48 - Jaime I
  • 49 - Jon X
  • 50 - Daenerys VIII
  • 51 - Theon I
  • 52 - Daenerys IX
  • 53 - Jon XI
  • 54 - Cersei I
  • 55 - The Queensguard
  • 56 - The Iron Suitor
  • 57 - Tyrion XI
  • 58 - Jon XII
  • 59 - The Discarded Knight
  • 60 - The Spurned Suitor
  • 61 - The Griffin Reborn
  • 62 - The Sacrifice
  • 63 - Victarion I
  • 64 - The Ugly Little Girl
  • 65 - Cersei II
  • 66 - Tyrion XII
  • 67 - The Kingbreaker
  • 68 - The Dragontamer
  • 69 - Jon XIII
  • 70 - The Queen_s Hand
  • 71 - Daenerys X
  • 72 - Epilogue

A Dance with Dragons Audiobook Online Streaming

A Dance with Dragons Audiobook takes the listener back to Medieval England where the future of Seven Kingdoms is uncertain. The quest for ruling over these kingdoms rages among many contenders tied by blood and hatred.

This is an exciting narration of the Novel written by George R. R. Martin. Martin is a creative American author who succeeds in creating a huge buildup and suspense for the listener. The audiobook has been narrated by Roy Dotrice, a veteran British Actor who is skillful and easy to listen to.

Since it was first published in the US in the year 2011, the audiobook has made major strides. The print edition is published in two parts; After the Feast, and Dreams and Dust. ‘A Dance with Dragons’ is the fifth out of seven novels. All the novels are part of, A Song of Ice and Fire Audiobooks, a series considered to be pure epic fantasy.

The story depicts bitter rivalry attempting to access and own the Iron Throne. There is no fair game as outlaws, priests, soldiers, slaves, nobles, and families are engaged in achieving possession of the seven kingdoms.

Audiobook Background

Running parallel to the fourth audiobook, A Feast for Crows Audiobook free, the latest addition to George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire audiobook series picks up right where the action left off.

This audiobook picks up from a time when the war of the five kings seems to calm down. The North is under the forceful dominance of King Stannis Baratheon. His ambition to claim the Iron Throne has complicated matters especially in the West coast. Iron-born is in charge of the west coast.

The story begins with the controversial installation of John Snow as the 998th Lord Commander amidst disapproval by a few veterans. This means that he has enemies both within the knights as well as beyond the wall. The infamous Tyrion Lannister lives in Pentos where he is safe from harm but without any leadership role.

Scion of Targaryen House, Daemerus has captured the city of Meeren where she lives to rule it. She is determined to brood her terrifying dragons that have since matured. Daemerus attempts to horn her leadership skills by practicing what she learned from her parents. She is the target of many enemies from Dorne, Oldtown, and Free Cities.

The Queen Daenerys’ dragons have realized their full potential. They are sidelined and are simmering with immeasurable power. Her follies have been eliminated. These dragons do not pledge allegiance to anyone and therefore, they are not obligated to offer any loyalty. The huge army assembling around the stone and behind the wall of ice progresses to get more power.

Dwarf Tyrion Lannister continues in his woes after escaping with the King’s price on his head. He is a victim of mistaken identity. Tyrion is wrongfully condemned to death for killing his nephew; King Joffrey and Lord Tywin, his father.

The strong wall of ice to the north shields the knights from danger. It is, however, just a matter of time before they succumb to the impending danger. To worsen the situation, it is under the command of Eddard Stark’s bastard son Jon Snow who is not qualified enough to guide the nights. Their problem grows with the increase of the wilding armies hungry for revenge and massing for an assault.

Editorial Review

A Dance with Dragons Audiobook Mp3 has elevated ‘A Game of Thrones’ making it a major HBO TV series. This audiobook offers a myriad of complex locales, unpredictable characters, allusions, and solid stories in detail. It is a journey to impenetrable history and visceral situations of real life. It brings out the brilliance of the writer. He seems to know more about this fantasy world than we do about our current one. There are also lots of humorous episodes to enjoy. The narration keeps you yearning for more.

The writer succeeds in hiding what the listener wants to prolong, anxiety. This suspension of belief doesn’t seem to pay off in the end. You will be easily compelled to devotion and willingness as you trust the outcome of the story to the very end. The disappointment at the end waters down the necessity of the build-up.

Martin is an exceptional writer with a perfected skill in building up a story from the beginning. Although the story is not completely relevant to this current world, it keeps the listener engaged and interested. It may be a typical superhero story but proves compelling.

The author minimizes the element of fantasy to the wilding armies. The rest of the stories are real and relatable. He is able to defy genre conventions and produce a balanced epic story. He introduces conflicting religions, cultures and beliefs in the mythical Westeros that makes it a typical satirical story. This satire makes A Dance with Dragons Audiobook relatable and relevant to the current generation.

About the Audiobook version

Roy Dotrice returns as narrator, though in an interesting twist, he recorded this title before the fourth. Between George R.R. Martin’s writing delay and his own scheduling conflicts, there was a six-year gap between projects, meaning that some of his famous voices have changed and matured in the interim.

If you were strongly attached to the original voices, you may find the differences a little disconcerting. You’ll have time to get used to it, though. As the longest book in the series, a mammoth tome that took longer to record than any of the others, this audiobook runs a whopping 49 hours.

And there’s no better way to be introduced to the world of the Seven Kingdoms than through this clever and astute audiobook adaptation!

Format: Audio Book
Written by: George R.R. Martin
Publisher: Random House Audio
Duration: 49h
Date Published: July 2011
Language: English

Download and listen free!

With excitement, intrigue, and all your favorite characters back once again, A Dance with Dragons audiobook free download may just be the best audiobook of the series so far.

A Dance with Dragons is a captivating audiobook that will keep you engaged and anxious. There are many stories with rich plots that are never-ending. All stories seem to build up towards a certain goal, which is to possess the Iron Throne. Although it is set in a medieval period, the story reveals realities that are relatable to the current generation.

The spies, true believers, mischievous characters, liars, power-hungry individuals and other supporting characters are a depiction of current systems of governance today.


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