A Feast for Crows Audiobook free – ASoIaF 4

A Feast for Crows Audiobook free - ASoIaF 4
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: George R. R. Martin
Narrator: Roy Dotrice
Series: A Song of Ice and Fire
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Updated: 12/12/2023
Listening Time: 33 hrs and 51 mins
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  • Soulful_Exploration
  • 00 - Prologue
  • 01 - The Prophet
  • 02 - The Captain of Guards
  • 03 - Cersei I
  • 04 - Brienne I
  • 05 - Samwell I
  • 06 - Arya I
  • 07 - Cersei II
  • 08 - Jaime I
  • 09 - Brienne II
  • 10 - Sansa I
  • 11 - The Kraken's Daughter (1)
  • 11 - The Kraken's Daughter (2)
  • 11 - The Kraken's Daughter
  • 12 - Cersei III
  • 13 - The Soiled Knight
  • 14 - Brienne II
  • 15 - Samwell II
  • 16 - Jaime II
  • 17 - Cersei IV
  • 18 - The Iron Captain
  • 19 - The Drowned Man
  • 20 - Brienne IV
  • 21 - The Queenmaker
  • 22 - Arya II
  • 23 - Alayne II
  • 24 - Cersei V (1)
  • 24 - Cersei V
  • 25 - Brienne V
  • 26 - Samwell III
  • 27 - Jaime III
  • 28 - Cersei VI
  • 29 - The Reaver
  • 30 - Jaime IV
  • 31 - Brienne VI
  • 32 - Cersei VII
  • 33 - Jaime V
  • 34 - Cat of the Canals
  • 35 - Samwell IV
  • 36 - Cersei VIII
  • 37 - Brienne VII
  • 38 - Jaime V
  • 39 - Cersei VIII
  • 40 - The Princess in the Tower
  • 41 - Alayne III
  • 42 - Brienne VIII
  • 43 - Cersei X
  • 44 - Jaime VII
  • 45 - Samwell V

A Feast for Crows Audiobook Online Streaming

Author, Narrator, and Publication

A Feast for Crows audiobook is a novel written by George R. Marin, an American author. The narrator of this Novel is Roy Dotrice.

This book is the fourth among other novels in a series called A Song of Ice and Fire Audiobooks. The first book was published in UK, in the year 2005. It has now been availed in audio versions that can be accessed online for free.

A Feast for Crows audiobook free departs from the other books in terms of chronology and points of view. While bringing back a few familiar faces, Martin mostly focuses on the new, setting up stories that he will later explore in the fifth book, A Dance with Dragons audiobook. Several fan favorites don’t appear in this volume at all, like Tyrion Lannister and Daenerys Targaryen. You’ll need to keep reading to figure out where they turn up!


The war is over, but the trouble is just beginning.

There are seven kingdoms in the story and there was and strive for centuries. Cersei takes over to rule in King’s Landing after the death of King Joffrey. The Northern strongholds belonging to rebels have been bought down by the death of Rob Stark.

Throughout the kingdom, Rob starks siblings are rendered powerless and they scatter like chaff in the wind. There are few claims to the Iron Throne, which was once greatly sought by most kings. The fierce war that once raged is dying out and Jon Snow is 998th Lord Commander at the night watch. King Joffrey has a brother who is eight, Tommen Baratheon, who takes over in King’s landing. He is still under the mother’s care, Lannister Cersei, and she becomes the ruler in King’s Landing.

The Maid of Tarth, Brienne is helped by Jaime Lannister to look for Sansa Stark. Petyr Baelish murdered his wife Arryn Lisa and is hiding Sansa Stark in the Vale. Petry has changed his identity to the parent of Lord Robert Arryn, an eight-year-old and protector of the vale.


Cersei being untrustworthy, is detrimental to the last 2 parts. However, the author feels that it is significant to use her first 8 sections to express herself psychologically.

As a listener of the Feast for Crows Audiobook, you may feel that fewer sections would have still drawn the picture in a more captivating way instead of boring the audience.
This too applies to the other main characters, Brienne and Jaime.

Audiobook Version

Roy Dotrice once again takes the reigns for A Feast of Crows Audiobook, but not without difficulty. The faithful narrator of the first three books, he was unavailable to record when the book was originally released in 2005, so publishers brought in another voice actor, John Lee, and released his version instead.

The fan outcry was immediate: Roy was a beloved narrator and talented storyteller, earning several awards for his work and even entering the Guinness Book of World Records for the 224 unique individual voices he used in A Game of Thrones. To many listeners, he was the voice of Westeros, and no other narrator would do.

Eventually, the publishers relented, and Roy was brought back into the studio in 2011 to re-record the book. No one can live without changing, so let Roy’s own changes be a reflection of the story, not of himself.

The full A Feast for Crows audiobook Online Streaming runs 33 hours and 56 minutes.


A Feast for Crows audiobook depicts a story where people from all walks of life acquire power, skills and tactics to go through dark times that lie ahead.

It talks about characters drawn from all angles; strong, deceitful, ambitious and wise. It is set at a time when the people are experiencing wars and yet they have to strive to come out alive. The option is to come together regardless of the status to stake their fortune. In the end, there are only few survivors.

Download and listen free!

By: George R. R. Martin
Narrated by: Roy Dotrice
Series: A Song of Ice and Fire, Book 4
Length: 33 hrs and 51 mins

If you have not listened to A Feast for Crown Audiobook Download, you are missing out, give it a try!

First, the clips online are very clear and the story has a great flow. Secondly, we have to admit that Martin is a great essayist. He has incredibly written the novel ‘A Feast for Crowns. Nevertheless, it comes after other books and there is need to compare it with the preceding ones.

This is the part where I will explain why you should be open-minded when listening to this audiobook. You may realize from the beginning that, the feast for crowns audiobook has some missing elements.

It is probable that certain parameters had changed at the time of writing this book. Such parameters include but they are not limited to; change in liberality of story development and business focus. You may also notice some points where the author prevents postponements and keeps anticipated lengths unusually long.

In A Feast for Crown Audiobook mp3, there are improvements and intriguing parts that demonstrate to us that, the author was deliberate with his arrangement. A few examples among the many he has included in the Novel that expresses his great work are:• The loss that Dondarions Berric outlaws have taken

  • The expression of the potential improvement of the church in the 7 kingdoms with the church as a key player in politics
  • Alleged inspirations of talents in oldtown
  • Perfect arrangement of Iron Islands new king.

These improvements have not just been made possible by the authors work. As you listen to a Feast for Crows Audiobook for free, you learn that the characters have been matched with befitting roles. Therefore, you cannot help but keep your concentration on the characters in the Feast for Crows book or audiobook. Martin seems to have widened his imagination about some characters. The three main characters in the book are Brienne, Jaime, and Cersei. They have played their roles perfectly and they lasted longer than other minor characters. Their names appear too many places to keep lingering on the listeners’ mind as you listen along the Feast for Crows Audiobook.

Cersei, one of the main characters in the Feast for Crows is portrayed as a young lady, and this shows creativity on the part of George Martin. This is because Cersei’s current role is different from the character she plays, in the previous books. It makes a reader and a listener who knows her from other books stay on the prediction mode and be suspicious of Cersei because of the new turn ‘she has taken’.

Jaime, on the other hand, is confused whether to doubt, hate, trust, or love his sister.
Brienne is unsure of her worth and she takes the role of a knight instead of an appalling position because she is a highly regarded lady.


My name is Stephen Dale, I enjoy listening to the Audiobooks and finding ways to help your guys have the same wonderful experiences. I am open, friendly, outgoing, and a team player. Let share with me!


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