Age of Death Audiobook – Legends of the First Empire #5

UncategorizedAge of Death Audiobook - Legends of the First Empire #5
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Michael J. Sullivan
Narrator: Michael J. Sullivan, Robin Sullivan, Tim Gerard Reynolds
Series: Legends of the First Empire
Genre: Uncategorized
Updated: 07/11/2023
Listening Time: 13 hrs and 57 mins
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Age of Death Audiobook Free Streaming Online by Michael J. Sullivan

Age of Death Audiobook is the 5th audio in the Legends of the First Empire Audiobooks series. It follows on quite quickly after the Age of Legend Audiobook.

Sullivan takes all of the histories we learned in the Riyria audiobooks and turns it on its head to give us the true story, before years of retellings, exaggerations, forgotten details and twistings happen.

This book is aptly titled as it would be the death of me. We have yet another cliffhanger ending as the second arc of The Legends of the First Empire series is shaping up to be one continuous story.

Plot Summary

Winter blankets the land, and more than just hope has died. Prevented from invading the Fhrey homeland by the tower of Avempartha, the western army seeks a way across the Nidwalden River before the fane obtains the secret of dragons.

As time runs out for both humanity and the mystic Suri, the only chance for the living rests with the dead. Having made their fateful choice, can a handful of misfits do the impossible, or are they forever lost to an inescapable grave? Do gods truly exist? Is it possible to know the future? And what lies beyond the veil of death?

In the tradition of Virgil’s Aeneid, Dante’s Divine Comedy, and Milton’s Paradise Lost, the most epic of tales transcend the world of the living. It’s time to see what lies in Elan’s Age of Death.

About the Author

Michael J. Sullivan opened the first door to his imagination with typewriter keys found in a friend’s basement when he was just eight years old.

Today he uses computer keys, writing classic fantasy with unlikely heroes, including the bestselling Riyria novels and his latest epic, The Legends of the First Empire Audiobooks.

About the Narrator

The marriage of Sullivan’s writing and Reynolds’s narration continues to be a special pairing. I personally found Suri’s storyline in this book to be as compelling as anything MJS has ever published, almost to the detriment of the other storylines since impatience crept in whenever MJS left her.

Tim Gerard Reynolds is a brilliant narrator. I have never heard him do a sub-par job on an audiobook and he was brilliant reading this one. He does such a great job with emotion and communicating the feelings and emotions of the characters. I can’t think of a better author/narrator team than Reynolds and Sullivan.

Why should you give Age of Death Audiobook a try?

I love Michael J. Sullivan’s novels. I Love Tim Gerard Reynolds Narrations, in this and his other projects. Age of Death Audiobook mp3 is the most exciting and fantastic entry of the series so far.

While one would expect that of a penultimate installment of a series, it was the manner in which the story took a turn that made it so fascinating and thrilling. I have no clue how the story will continue for the finale, Age of Empyre, which is without a doubt one of my most anticipated audiobooks of the year.

Every time I pick up one of these audiobooks I am left in awe. I thought this one wouldn’t be as good after the last one ended. It would not come to your surprise to know that our beloved characters also continued to grow and develop most compellingly as they venture into a strange new place.

I found this audiobook very entertaining and interesting and if you are a fan of the series, I bet you will agree. There is still a cliffhanger at the end, but the plot still felt way more satisfactory than Age of Legend.

Download and listen free!

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  1. Hi just wondering do you have the un-dramatized version of this audio book, I prefer the single narrator, the sweeping sound-scapes and music detract form the narrative. thanks Ben :o)


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