Ashes Audiobook – The Dark in You, Book 3

RomanceAshes Audiobook - The Dark in You, Book 3
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Suzanne Wright
Narrator: Cat Doucette
Series: The Dark in You
Genre: Romance
Updated: 01/03/2024
Listening Time: 12 hrs and 42 mins
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Ashes Audiobook: Embers of Love and Power in a Demonic Symphony

As I embarked on the auditory journey of Ashes, the final crescendo in Suzanne Wright’s enthralling trilogy, narrated by Cat Doucette, I was enveloped in a maelstrom of emotions. The prelude to this saga had always promised an intense exploration of love, power, and sacrifice, but nothing could have prepared me for the depth of connection I felt. This audiobook not only continued the tale of Harper and Knox but elevated it to a symphony of existential battles and emotional revelations.

Cat Doucette’s narration has become synonymous with the series’ soul over time. Her voice, now deeply intertwined with Harper and Knox’s story, brought a nuanced understanding and authenticity to their struggles and triumphs. As I listened, it was as if Doucette was not merely narrating but invoking the very essence of the characters – Harper’s resilience and Knox’s unwavering devotion.

The narrative arc crafted by Suzanne Wright in Ashes is both a departure and a homecoming. While the initial books focused on Knox’s formidable powers, this installment unveiled Harper’s hidden strengths in a revelation that shook the foundations of their world. The attack targeting Harper for her undisclosed wings marked a pivotal moment in their journey – a testament to Wright’s skill in weaving unexpected twists that challenge both her characters and her audience.

Harper’s decision to embrace her dark powers, long sequestered away, signified more than just a plot development; it was a transformational moment for her character. No longer content to stand in Knox’s shadow or confine herself to the role of protectorate, she emerged as his equal, if not superior, in strength. This evolution resonated deeply with me, challenging my own perceptions of power dynamics within relationships.

The adversarial forces they faced – both external threats and betrayals from within – underscored themes of trust, loyalty, and the eternal quest for identity amidst chaos. Wright masterfully navigated these themes through Doucette’s compelling delivery, ensuring that each word carried the weight of their shared history and individual growth.

As Ashes reached its zenith, I found myself reflecting on the journey from Burn to Blaze, and finally here. The transformation of Harper into a beacon of dark power did not diminish the light of their love but rather cast it into stark relief against the shadows they battled. It was this interplay between darkness and light that left an indelible mark on my soul.

For those who have followed Harper and Knox from the beginning or are just discovering their story through Ashes, there is much to explore in this audiobook. And for those intrigued by Suzanne Wright’s intricate world-building and character development, further adventures await in her other works – each promising its own unique blend of passion, peril, and power.

Ashes, available for free download at, invites listeners into a realm where love transcends boundaries, power is multifaceted, and every choice carries echoes across worlds unseen.

As I close this chapter on Harper and Knox’s epic tale, my heart is full yet yearning for more adventures into storyscapes unknown. Looking forward to our next foray into these realms together. Happy listening,



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