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About The Dark Tower Audiobook series

The Dark Tower Audiobook is a series of eight audiobooks written by American author Stephen King that is a combination of many genres, including dark fantasy, science fantasy, horror, and Western.

The story revolves Roland Deschain, an Old-West style gunslinger and the last scion of a vanished kingdom and his quest: to reach the mysterious “Dark Tower,” which is known as nexus point of the time-space continuum and defend it against the legions of chaos seeking to destroy it and end the world.

The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed…

8 Audiobooks The Dark Tower Complete Series by Stephen King
8 Audiobooks The Dark Tower Complete Series by Stephen King

I don’t think there is another sentence has intrigued you more than this. This sentence started the long journey of Roland Deschain of Gilead, line of Eld. And, it finishes King’s telling of Roland Deschain’s, dan-dinh of the ka-tet, journey.

In The Dark Tower Audiobooks, Roland is the last living member of a knight’s command called the gunslingers and the last of the Arthur Eld, just like our King Arthur. The world he lives in is entirely different from our world, but there are many similarities with it. Organized politically along the lines of a feudal society, it shares its technological and social features with the American Old West, but also incorporates magical elements.

Roland’s mission is to find and protect the Dark Tower; a legendary building is said to be the link of all the cosmos. Roland’s world is supposed to have “moved on.” Roland’s nation of Gilead has been destroyed. He exists in an alternate timeframe, or a parallel universe, in a novel where time does not flow in the way we know; clocks have long since been rendered useless. Even the Sun sometimes rises in the north and sets in the east. As the journey opens, Roland’s purposes, goals, and age are unclear, though later the mysteries will be unraveled.

Along the journey to the Dark Tower, Roland encounters a large number of people, both friends, and enemies. For most of the way, he goes with a group of people who form the ka-tet. This ka-tet consisted of Jake Chambers, Eddie and Susannah Dean, Oy, and later Father Callahan. Among his many enemies are Randall Flagg and the Crimson King.

The Dark Tower Audiobook collection is based on a complex metaphysical architecture that explores questions of free will, decisiveness, and spiritual supply. The prime king in “Dark Tower” is ka, a mysterious force that mixes the ideas of Greek hamartia and Calvinist predestination. Ka brings Roland and his friends together and pushes them to their respective fates, but at the same time, Ka is also deeply attached to choices made in Roland’s past.

The horror elements in the series live up to what one would expect from King. There are disgusting moments, such as a man sick from the weed drug in Roland’s world that makes users go insane. There are also genuinely terrifying moments such as when a baby boy turns into a spider and eats his own mother via her breast.

The Dark Tower Audiobooks itself – or rather, what it represents – is the fundamental liner that novels turn. Roland’s quest for the tower is to search for God, seek for himself, for homes, and the truth bound into an Odyssey. What cost will you pay to achieve this goal? King asked the listeners. Is life about the journey more than the destination or destination worth any price? Never so explicitly, the King confronted the philosophical dilemmas of modernity.

The Dark Tower Audiobook Narrator – Who is the best?

Two narrators for the dark tower audiobooks, Frank Muller and George Guidall.

Muller read the first 4 books, The Gunslinger, The Drawing of the Three, The Waste Lands, and Wizard and Glass and sadly died before he could read the rest. George Guidall finished the series and then went back and read the revised edition of The Gunslinger. I cannot find Mullers reading of The Gunslinger anywhere so unless you want to look harder than me you will listen to Guidall read that one.

Now Frank Muller was truly one of the best audiobook narrators in the profession and The Drawing of the Three is one of, if not the best, the performance he ever made. George Guidall is excellent in his editions.

So you don’t really have much choice in narrator but the audiobooks are all superb. Mullers are just a bit more superb.

Listen to the audiobook is written through many stages life

The Dark Tower Audiobooks series is an incredibly diverse set of audiobooks written over 30 years – from a young man beginning in an uncertain future – to an old man looking back on his sparkling career, and emphasized by all the experience, exploring his epiphanies. King brings all his talents to these audiobook and some of his weaknesses, of course.

At some point, Stephen King will be finally recognized as one of the best writers of his generation because his imagination has no limits and his writing skills are some of the best around. This audiobook series is by far, Stephen Kings best work. Its steps aside from his usual horror genre and brings something new to the table. He uses characters from his other novels in these and like Hitchcock, appears as himself in them!

The exciting thing about The Dark Tower Audiobook free is that each audiobook has its own unique feel, vibe, and style, but they work together to create a wholly unique feeling to it. Because of this, individual items in the chain can attract fewer listeners than others. But when you listen one by one, this is truly a work that makes you stand and fidget.

The characterization at first, seemed simple. There is Roland, the gunslinger. He had a one-dimensional mind to pursue the tower. He will do anything to reach it, even if it has problems. Does he justify his aggression? It’s hard to say at first. Similarly, the man in black who he is initially pursuing is extraordinarily one-dimensional. He is just an evil magician, and that is all.

The Dark Tower Audiobooks are beautifully written, and he has managed to create a whole new universe of places and characters whose only relation seems to be that mysterious Dark Tower. The prose flows flawlessly; the roles are determined particularly well, and you get emotionally attached to each one of them on their journey, the pace varies from act action-packed to slow to flashback and then act again.

The sexy, erotic images King speaks – a deadlock between good and evil in a bone desert, a lonely beach between the world, a ship owned, an Emerald City, and Dark Tower covered with clouds in a field of blood – red roses. All these and more blended into a single haunting experience of greatness.

The series will change the way you view the universe, storytelling, characters and even how you speak. I do not know what else you might want out of that series that transcends all genres and is very different from the King’s body of work but it keeps one thing in common, it is amusing throughout.

What an epic in the full sense of the word. Great, if only for the spectrum. King manages to combine high fantasy, western, sci-fi, romance, horror, and more into a complex world, not the world, but the universe creates into what can be called his masterpiece. Admittedly, the length of the series is difficult and may prove to be a problem for the listeners, but my advice is the same as the King’s – enjoy the journey. And the end is a genius in itself as well. You should listen to it, it is a towering work of imagination and characterization.

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