Back to One audiobook – Bad Guys Series, Book 7

Science Fiction & FantasyBack to One audiobook - Bad Guys Series, Book 7
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Eric Ugland
Narrator: Neil Hellegers
Series: Bad Guys Series
Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Updated: 12/01/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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Back to One Audiobook by Eric Ugland: A Labyrinthine Quest through the Echoes of Galton

As the evening crept in with a blanket of stars, I nestled into my favorite armchair, the creak of its leather like a whispering companion in the stillness of my study. The scent of aged books mingled with the faint aroma of burning wood from the fireplace, crafting an atmosphere ripe for a sci-fi escapade. It was here that I lost myself in Eric Ugland’s Back to One, an audiobook that promised to transport me back to the world where Clyde’s saga continues, narrated with the captivating gravitas of Neil Hellegers.

Ugland’s narrative spirals through time and space, leading us on a chase where every decision is a double-edged sword. Clyde’s journey is not just about returning to Galton but unraveling complexities that challenge his very essence. The weight of choices hangs heavily in this tale, each one a domino poised to topple fortunes or fates. As Clyde navigates through this quagmire, I found myself ensnared by the relentless pull of his quest.

Neil Hellegers’ narration is akin to an alchemist’s touch – transforming words into palpable sensations and characters into living entities that resonated within the confines of my secluded retreat. Each character leapt from their scripted bounds, no longer confined by mere text but existing as vibrant facets of this convoluted cosmos. Hellegers’ voice became the vehicle through which Clyde’s dilemmas and triumphs echoed against my walls.

As I delved deeper into Back to One, I couldn’t help but draw parallels between Ugland’s storytelling and the classic perplexities found in ‘Alice in Wonderland.’ Yet, it is here where Ugland breaks from tradition; he reshapes our understanding of progress within a narrative. The concept of resetting one’s character – a trope familiar to any LitRPG aficionado – is cleverly subverted. Instead of predictable leveling and looting, we are thrust into an unpredictable spiral where even mastery can be an illusion.

The irony wasn’t lost on me as I pondered over Ugland’s reluctance for progression within these pages. Each step forward seemed countered by two steps back – a dance familiar in both life and literature. In this dance, Clyde embodies our own struggles with decisions and consequences, reflecting how often we are blindsided by our own actions or lack thereof.

What struck me most profoundly was how Back to One manipulated common tropes only to defy them. Spells like ‘blink’ became more than just tools; they were extensions of Clyde’s willpower, challenging preconceived notions about limitations and capabilities within this universe.

It was during these moments of reflection that I remembered how fortunate I was to have stumbled upon – a haven for those who wish to indulge in literary worlds without constraint. Here lies Back to One, available for free download, allowing listeners like you and me to embark on Clyde’s perplexing odyssey at no cost but our time – an investment richly rewarded.

In conclusion, Back to One stands not merely as another volume in Ugland’s acclaimed “Bad Guys Series,” but as a testament to storytelling that dares you to question every turn and anticipate every twist with bated breath. As I powered down my device, echoes of Hellegers’ voice lingered like phantoms conversing with the crackling fire – their tales weaving through smoke and shadow long after silence reclaimed my study.

Embark on this labyrinthine quest; let Clyde’s story ensnare your imagination as it did mine. Navigate through Galton once more – this time from a perspective renewed yet familiar – and find yourself Back to One.

Happy listening,


My name is Stephen Dale, I enjoy listening to the Audiobooks and finding ways to help your guys have the same wonderful experiences. I am open, friendly, outgoing, and a team player. Let share with me!


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