Bad Blood Audiobook by John Carreyrou

Biographies & MemoirsBad Blood Audiobook by John Carreyrou
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: John Carreyrou
Narrator: Will Damron

Genre: Biographies & Memoirs
Updated: 28/02/2024
Listening Time: 11 hrs and 37 mins
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  • Title, Dedication, Author's Note-602915535Bad Blood
  • Prologue-602915523Bad Blood
  • Ch01 A Purposeful Life-602915490Bad Blood
  • Ch02 The Gluebot-602915475Bad Blood
  • Ch03 Apple Envy-602915457Bad Blood
  • Ch04 Goodbye East Paly-602915448Bad Blood
  • Ch05 The Childhood Neighbor-602915433Bad Blood
  • Ch06 Sunny-602915424Bad Blood
  • Ch07 Dr. J-602915409Bad Blood
  • Ch08 The minilab-602915394Bad Blood
  • Ch09 The Wellness Play-602915376Bad Blood
  • Ch10 'Who Is LTC Shoemaker'-602915358Bad Blood
  • Ch11 Lighting a Fuisz-602915343Bad Blood
  • Ch12 Ian Gibbons-602915337Bad Blood
  • Ch13 Chiat_Day-602915316Bad Blood
  • Ch14 Going Live-602915295Bad Blood
  • Ch15 Unicorn-602915277Bad Blood
  • Ch16 The Grandson-602915268Bad Blood
  • Ch17 Fame-602915253Bad Blood
  • Ch18 The Hippocratic Oath-602915238Bad Blood
  • Ch19 The Tip-602915217Bad Blood
  • Ch20 The Ambush-602915202Bad Blood
  • Ch21 Trade Secrets-602915172Bad Blood
  • Ch22 La Mattanza-602915139Bad Blood
  • Ch23 Damage Control-602915106Bad Blood
  • Ch24 The Empress Has No Clothes-602915076Bad Blood
  • Epilogue, Credits-602915046Bad Blood
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Bad Blood Audiobook: A Symphony of Deception in Silicon Valley’s Heartbeat

As I pressed play on the Bad Blood audiobook, a sense of anticipation enveloped me. Here was a story I had heard whispered in corners of book clubs and echoed in the corridors of tech forums, yet its depths were uncharted to me. The prologue, narrated with a clarity that pierced through the fog of curiosity, promised a journey not just through the halls of Theranos but into the very psyche of ambition gone awry.

John Carreyrou’s Bad Blood is not merely an exposé; it’s a masterfully woven narrative that charts the meteoric rise and cataclysmic fall of one of Silicon Valley’s most enigmatic figures, Elizabeth Holmes, and her venture, Theranos. Through Carreyrou’s investigative lens, we’re transported into a world where the thirst for innovation blurs ethical boundaries, and the pursuit of revolutionary breakthroughs becomes a mirage that ensnares the brightest minds and deepest pockets.

Will Damron’s narration brings this saga to life with a precision and empathy that’s rare. His voice serves as a guide through the complex labyrinth of corporate intrigue, never losing its way even as it delves into technical intricacies and moral quandaries. The experience is akin to listening to a thriller; each chapter unfurls new layers of deceit, making it impossible to pause. Damron embodies each character with nuance, turning what could have been a dry recounting into an emotional odyssey.

The emotional landscape Bad Blood traverses is vast. From awe at Holmes’ audacious vision to disillusionment as her empire of lies crumbles, I found myself oscillating between admiration for her ambition and dismay at its execution. It’s a testament to Carreyrou’s storytelling prowess that he maintains a balanced perspective, acknowledging Theranos’ potential to revolutionize healthcare while unflinchingly exposing its fraudulent underpinnings.

What struck me most profoundly was the reflection on innovation’s double-edged sword. In Holmes’ relentless pursuit of greatness, ethical lines were not just crossed but obliterated. This audiobook left me pondering the true cost of progress and the sacrifices we’re willing to make on the altar of success.

For those left craving more tales from the intersection of ambition and ethics after Bad Blood, audiobooks like Beneath a Scarlet Sky, The Culture Code, and American Kingpin beckon. Each offers unique insights into worlds where ideals collide with reality, promising listeners further exploration into narratives rich with conflict and redemption.

Available for free download at, Bad Blood is more than just an audiobook; it’s an invitation to reflect on our values in the face of relentless ambition. It’s a journey I’m grateful to have embarked upon and one I recommend wholeheartedly to anyone intrigued by the promises and perils of innovation.

As I close this chapter on Theranos’ saga, my mind buzzes with questions about what true progress entails. Looking forward to our next foray into storyscapes filled with intrigue and human folly. Happy listening,



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