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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Eric Jerome Dickey
Narrator: Dion Graham
Series: Bad Men and Wicked Women
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Updated: 15/01/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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Before We Were Wicked Audiobook by Eric Jerome Dickey: A Provocative Tale of Passion and Transformation

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting a soft amber hue through my apartment window, I nestled into my favorite armchair, the one that’s heard more stories than most people I know. It was in this familiar comfort that I embarked on a journey through the pages of Before We Were Wicked by Eric Jerome Dickey, narrated with sultry finesse by Dion Graham. The twilight hour seemed fitting for a story that promised to delve into the complexities of human desire and the unexpected turns life can take.

Eric Jerome Dickey has a knack for exploring the materialistic aspects of life without holding back any punches, and in this audiobook, he does so with unapologetic honesty. Through Ken’s eyes – a twenty-one-year-old who shuns conventional desires for wealth – we experience an alternative perspective on what it means to seek fulfillment. Ken is not your typical protagonist; his rejection of love and relationships in favor of fleeting pleasures paints him as an enigma waiting to be unraveled.

Then there’s Jimi Lee, a character whose presence turns Ken’s world on its axis. What begins as another notch on his bedpost evolves into something far deeper than either anticipated. Their chemistry is palpable, igniting through Dion Graham’s voice that masterfully captures every nuance of their fiery connection. The scenes shared between them are raw and explicit – definitely not suitable for young ears – but for adult listeners, they serve as a candid exploration of intimacy and its power to change us.

As their story progressed, I found myself pausing occasionally just to let the weight of their decisions sink in. Sitting there in the dimming light, I pondered how two people could find themselves so entangled that every choice becomes about ‘us’ rather than ‘me.’ The progression from carefree encounters to facing the reality of an unplanned pregnancy shows a maturation not just of characters but also of their bond.

The novel echoes themes from Dickey’s previous works like The Other Woman and Pleasure, where relationships evolve beyond simple labels and societal expectations. As I listened to Dion Graham’s evocative narration, it struck me how seamlessly he transported me into Ken and Jimi Lee’s world – a world where passion can be both destructive and redemptive.

For those seeking an audiobook experience that doesn’t shy away from life’s grittier facets while offering thought-provoking insights into our own relationships with love and materialism, Before We Were Wicked is a compelling choice. And here’s something wickedly delightful: you can download this tale of lustful awakenings for free at – an oasis for those who hunger for stories that challenge convention without costing a dime.

In conclusion, Before We Were Wicked is not your everyday romance novel; it’s a raw portrayal of two individuals whose lives become irrevocably intertwined through choices made in moments of vulnerability. It’s about what happens when you strip away societal norms and face the essence of who you are – and who you’re with – head-on.

As night fully claimed the sky outside my window and only the soft hum of city life remained, I couldn’t help but reflect on my own paths crossed and uncrossed in love. There was a certain kinship I felt with Ken – as someone who once penned tales myself – I understood his initial detachment from traditional aspirations all too well.

Yet as Dion Graham uttered the last word, leaving me alone with my thoughts in the silent room, I realized that sometimes it takes getting lost in someone else’s story to understand your own journey better. If you dare to embark on this provocative ride through love’s darker corridors – where pleasure meets pain head-on – then tune into where Ken and Jimi Lee’s twisted paths await your discovery.

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