Black Ice audiobook – The Scot Harvath Series, Book 20

MysteryBlack Ice audiobook - The Scot Harvath Series, Book 20
4.5/5 - (10 votes)
Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Brad Thor
Narrator: Armand Schultz
Series: The Scot Harvath Series
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Updated: 07/12/2023
Listening Time: Unknown
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  • 42_-_black_ice_a_thriller_the_scot_harvath_series_book_20Black Ice audiobook
  • 43_-_black_ice_a_thriller_the_scot_harvath_series_book_20Black Ice audiobook
  • 44_-_black_ice_a_thriller_the_scot_harvath_series_book_20Black Ice audiobook
  • 45_-_black_ice_a_thriller_the_scot_harvath_series_book_20Black Ice audiobook
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  • 63_-_black_ice_a_thriller_the_scot_harvath_series_book_20Black Ice audiobook
  • 64_-_black_ice_a_thriller_the_scot_harvath_series_book_20Black Ice audiobook
  • 65_-_black_ice_a_thriller_the_scot_harvath_series_book_20Black Ice audiobook
  • 66_-_black_ice_a_thriller_the_scot_harvath_series_book_20Black Ice audiobook
  • 67_-_black_ice_a_thriller_the_scot_harvath_series_book_20Black Ice audiobook
  • 68_-_black_ice_a_thriller_the_scot_harvath_series_book_20Black Ice audiobook
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  • 73_-_black_ice_a_thriller_the_scot_harvath_series_book_20Black Ice audiobook

Black Ice Audiobook by Brad Thor: A Chilling Tale of Espionage and Betrayal

As the first hints of autumn crept into the air, I nestled into my favorite armchair, the one that’s perfectly molded to my form after countless hours of literary adventures. With a steaming mug of cider by my side and the comforting crackle of a fire, I plunged into the chilling world of “Black Ice” by Brad Thor, narrated by the talented Armand Schultz.

The story thrusts us back into the life of Scot Harvath, a character whose skills and exploits I’ve come to know well through Thor’s gripping series. This time, amidst the idyllic setting of Norway, Harvath’s supposed respite morphs into a web of intrigue and danger that beckons him back to the clandestine fray.

Armand Schultz’s narration is impeccable, his voice a fitting vessel for the suspense and tension that unfurl with each chapter. He has this knack for making you feel like you’re not just listening to a story—you’re part of it, dodging shadows and unraveling mysteries alongside Harvath himself.

Now, I’ll level with you—while “Black Ice” may not be Brad Thor’s magnum opus, it does deliver that familiar adrenaline rush his fans crave. Some might say it treads familiar ground with its espionage tropes and stoic hero, but isn’t that what we seek in a thriller? A dance with danger from the safety of our own homes?

And hey, if you’re looking to dive into this icy escapade without dipping into your wallet, has got you covered. You can download and listen to “Black Ice” for free on their site—a sweet deal for us audiobook aficionados.

So if you’re itching for some covert action or just need an escape from the everyday, give “Black Ice” a listen. It might not break new ground, but it’s a journey through treacherous paths with a trusted guide in Scot Harvath. And sometimes, that’s exactly the kind of company you want on a crisp fall evening.

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