Blood Doll audiobook – Vampire Agape, Book 3

RomanceBlood Doll audiobook - Vampire Agape, Book 3
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Georgia Cates
Narrator: Tad Branson
Series: Vampire Agape
Genre: Romance
Updated: 19/02/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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Blood Doll Audiobook by Georgia Cates: A Tale of Forbidden Love and the Eternal Thirst for More

As dusk enveloped my modest living room, the final rays of sunlight cast long shadows across the walls, creating an atmosphere ripe for a tale of darkness and desire. It was in this twilight hour that I delved into Blood Doll, the third installment in Georgia Cates’ vampire Agape series, narrated with fervent intensity by Tad Branson. The deepening night outside my window mirrored the depth of passion within this audiobook, as I became enshrouded in Solomon Alexander’s haunting world.

The narrative sweeps us into a realm where Solomon, a vampire ensnared by his own heart’s yearning, struggles to conceal Avery from his kin and clan. She is his blood jewel – his obsession – and her very essence has left him intoxicated beyond reason. Yet within his ceaseless thoughts of her lies an undercurrent of torment; to love as a vampire is to battle with one’s primal nature.

Avery, however, views Solomon through eyes filled with contempt and fear. To her, he represents nothing more than predatory instincts cloaked in allure – a creature incapable of true affection whose declarations are but whispers on the wind. Her aversion only fuels Solomon’s desperation further; he is torn between an unyielding hunger and an unwavering love.

Branson’s voice captures every nuance of this internal war – the pain, the longing, the spectral hope that flickers like a candle threatened by darkness. His narration transcends mere storytelling; it becomes an echo chamber for Solomon’s soul.

As their story spirals toward its climax, we witness Solomon’s ultimate testament to love: a sacrifice so profound it threatens to unravel his very existence. And just as Avery stands on the precipice of yielding to their forbidden bond – a bond sealed with blood – Solomon faces his greatest challenge: forsaking his innate thirst for her lifeblood in pursuit of something far greater.

Cates’ prose dances along a razor’s edge between temptation and virtue – a dichotomy masterfully conveyed through Branson’s performance. Listeners find themselves wrestling alongside Solomon with both bestial instinct and rational restraint – an intricate ballet set against the backdrop of eternal night.

For those enchanted by this saga and seeking more adventures that flirt with danger and romance alike, Tamer: King of Dinosaurs by Michael-Scott Earle or Firehurler from J.S. Morin’s Twinborn Chronicles beckon you further into realms unknown.

And if your own evening is calling for such enthralling escapades – know that Blood Doll can be freely savored at This portal not only allows you to download but also listen directly online at no cost whatsoever – a veritable feast for aficionados who wish to indulge without constraint or compromise.

In conclusion, Blood Doll stands as more than just another chapter in a vampiric chronicle; it is an exploration into what it means to love against all odds – to choose humanity over heritage. As I reclined in my chair after the final words faded into silence, there lingered an understanding that some desires run deeper than marrow…deeper even than blood itself.

Embrace this nocturnal romance; let your ears bear witness to Solomon and Avery’s odyssey through shadow and sacrifice…

Happy listening,


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