Book of the Dead audiobook – Kay Scarpetta, Book 15

Literature & FictionBook of the Dead audiobook - Kay Scarpetta, Book 15
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Patricia Cornwell
Narrator: Kate Reading
Series: Kay Scarpetta
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Updated: 02/02/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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  • 04_The three of them sit in a-965309944Book of the Dead audiobook
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  • 06_They walk back, following-965309920Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 07_Nine days later, Sunday.-965309911Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 08_Belmont, Massachusetts.-965309896Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 09_Coastal Forensic Pathology-965309884Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 10_Dr. Self's fingers click-c-965309866Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 11_In centuries past, the stu-965309845Book of the Dead audiobook
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  • 02_The clatter of metal wheel-965309830Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 03_Eight-thirty p.m., Rome ti-965309821Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 04_Bulrush Ulysses S. Grant h-965309812Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 05_'The funeral home man in t-965309800Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 06_Seventy miles southwest on-965309797Book of the Dead audiobook
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  • 08_Eight p.m. in Venice, Maro-965309770Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 09_Hours later, the Kick 'N H-965309758Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 10_Somewhere a dog barks in t-965309743Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 11_Luscious Meddick drives in-965309731Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 01_Four o'clock in the mornin-965309728Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 02_Dawn. It looks like it mig-965309710Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 03_The sun slips in and out o-965309695Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 04_The basset hound is still-965309686Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 05_Gianni Lupano's black Porc-965309668Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 06_Water laps quietly.-965309650Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 07_Inside the forensic photog-965309641Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 08_Dr. Maroni sits before the-965309638Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 09_Scarpetta runs water in a-965309635Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 10_Shackles atached to a wood-965309626Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 01_In the arrangement office,-965309614Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 02_Sea Pines. The most exclus-965309596Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 03_'You must be Becky,'-965309581Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 04_Madelisa hasn't been home-965309566Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 05_Nine p.m. A hard rain sla-965309545Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 06_On Marino's front porch,-965309530Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 07_The old brick building wat-965309509Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 08_Poe's Tavern, a few minute-965309497Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 09_Historic buildings, softly-965309485Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 10_Scarpetta's conference roo-965309476Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 11_'What do you want to talk-965309473Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 01_Ed, the doorman, is no whe-965309467Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 02_Two chairs had been pulled-965309464Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 03_The forensics science labo-965309455Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 04_Inside Marino's office, hi-965309452Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 05_Lucy goes thropugh her pre-965309443Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 06_Scarpetta zooms in, and th-965309434Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 07_Ruth's office is near the-965309425Book of the Dead audiobook
  • 08_Bull holds his cap in his-965309422Book of the Dead audiobook
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Resurrecting Intrigue in the Book of the Dead Audiobook: A Scarpetta Series Revival

Embarking on an auditory journey through Patricia Cornwell’s Book of the Dead, I was met with a sense of cautious optimism. The fifteenth chapter in the Scarpetta series promised a return to form after the turbulent waters navigated in Predator. As someone who once wove narratives for readers, I now found myself on the receiving end, eager to be swayed by Cornwell’s renowned mystery-thriller prowess. With my headphones as my portal and Kate Reading’s voice as my guide, I settled in for a tale of forensic feats and shadowy subterfuge.

Cornwell’s magic lies in her ability to draw readers – or listeners – into her meticulously crafted world. Despite some trepidation due to previous missteps in the series, Book of the Dead unfurled as an intricate tapestry, threaded with tension and dark corners begging for illumination. The story reacquaints us with Dr. Kay Scarpetta, who, after clashing with a psychopath in Florida, has sought solace and new beginnings in South Carolina with her private forensic practice. Alongside her are Pete Marino and Lucy, familiar characters whose expertise enriches Scarpetta’s investigations.

The narrative finds its rhythm as Scarpetta grapples with more than just crime scenes; she faces a city pulsing with political undercurrents intent on derailing her efforts. When a spree of murders and violent acts ripples through the community, Scarpetta must navigate not only the physical evidence but also the intangible forces at play – forces that threaten to drag her back into chaos.

Kate Reading’s narration serves as both an asset and a point of contention. While her delivery carries Cornwell’s prose effectively enough, it lacked the vibrancy that such a complex protagonist demands. The performance felt average – a missed opportunity to elevate Scarpetta’s latest foray into audiobook immortality.

The novel itself teeters on the edge between familiarity and fatigue; some characters resonate less than they once did, their development stunted or regressing into petulance rather than maturing with their experiences. Longtime followers may sense that what was once fresh has ripened too long on the vine, leaving them yearning for the series’ halcyon days when each release was an event rather than an expectation.

Yet, even amid this criticism, Cornwell’s skill cannot be wholly dismissed. She weaves technical expertise into layman’s terms without patronizing her audience – a feat few authors manage as gracefully. The moments when Book of the Dead shines are reminiscent of earlier triumphs like Cruel and Unusual, offering glimmers of hope that there is still life left in this well-worn path.

For those curious about stepping into Scarpetta’s world or long-standing fans hoping for redemption after Predator, this audiobook awaits at – a haven where stories find their voice and listeners find escape.

As I close this chapter on Scarpetta’s latest endeavor, my feelings remain mixed – a cocktail of appreciation for Cornwell’s craft and longing for the zest that once defined her work. Nevertheless, I am reminded that every story has its ebbs and flows; perhaps future installments will recapture what seems momentarily lost.

To fellow literary explorers seeking their next auditory adventure: Happy listening! May our paths cross again in another realm crafted by words and brought to life through sound.

With hopeful ears,


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