Bound by Flames audiobook – Night Prince, Book 3

EroticaBound by Flames audiobook - Night Prince, Book 3
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Jeaniene Frost
Narrator: Tavia Gilbert
Series: Night Prince
Genre: Erotica
Updated: 21/01/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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Bound by Flames Audiobook: A Fiery Embrace in the Shadows of Eternity

There’s a certain allure to the evening when the world quiets down, and shadows play tricks on your eyes. That’s when I find my corner in the dimly lit room, with only the soft glow of my screen reflecting off my glasses, and let myself be drawn into worlds unknown. On one such night, with a cup of tea steaming beside me and my cat curled up at my feet, I delved into Jeaniene Frost’s Bound by Flames Audiobook, narrated by the ever-talented Tavia Gilbert. It was time to lose myself in a tale where passion and peril dance dangerously close.

The audiobook welcomed me back into the arms of an old friend – the world of the Dark Prince – where love has taken root in unexpected soil between Vlad and Leila. Frost has woven a narrative that is as much about fiery romance as it is about literal flames licking at the edges of eternity. Tavia Gilbert’s narration breathed life into these characters with such finesse that I felt every heartbeat, every whisper of dread that passed through Leila’s mind.

Bound by Flames isn’t just another chapter in a vampire saga; it’s an intricate ballet of emotion and action that had me on edge one moment and swooning the next. As Vlad grapples with an adversary worthy of his ancient power, we see layers peel away from this enigmatic character. The invincible vampire lord reveals a vulnerability – a fear not for himself but for his beloved Leila – that gives this story its beating heart.

Gilbert captures each nuance perfectly, her voice shifting effortlessly between fierce determination and tender concern. Her performance underscores what makes this audiobook so compelling: it isn’t merely about supernatural beings but about how love can make even immortals tremble.

Throughout this intense journey, there were times I caught myself holding my breath – during clashes where steel met fang or during whispered declarations filled with eternity’s weight. Frost knows her audience well; she delivers punches that leave you winded then cradles you with moments so gentle they’re like a balm to your soul.

The balance between battles raging under moonlit skies and intimate conversations shared in hushed tones was masterful. It reinforced how love – in all its forms – is both weapon and shield in this timeless war between darkness and light.

I must admit, there were instances when I felt like an intruder – witnessing moments so raw that it seemed almost sacrilegious to listen in. Yet Gilbert’s skill as a narrator made those moments impossible to step away from; her voice became the siren call that kept me anchored to Vlad and Leila’s side until their story reached its crescendo.

For those who’ve treaded along dark corridors with Halfway to the Grave or danced dangerously close to death with Wicked Bite, Bound by Flames offers another taste of that exquisite cocktail mixed with danger and desire. And for newcomers – I envy you taking your first sip.

It thrills me to share that this intoxicating experience is available for free download at – a haven for those who seek refuge in stories told not just through words but through emotions captured in sound.

In reflection, Bound by Flames stands out as more than just another entry in Frost’s repertoire – it is a testament to how even creatures born from night can yearn for light’s touch. It reminds us that strength can be found not only within power but also within surrender – to love, to fate, to whatever fire burns within us.

As I await our next narrative adventure together – with ears keen and heart open – I encourage you all: dare to walk alongside vampires whose hearts beat fiercely beneath their immortal shells. And remember: no matter how dark the night may seem, there are always tales waiting to ignite hope within us once more.

Happy listening,


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