Britannia Audiobook Online Streaming – Eagles of the Empire #14

UncategorizedBritannia Audiobook Online Streaming - Eagles of the Empire #14
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Simon Scarrow
Narrator: Jonathan Keeble
Series: Eagles of the Empire
Genre: Uncategorized
Updated: 05/11/2023
Listening Time: 12 hrs and 10 mins
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Britannia Audiobook Free by Simon Scarrow

Britannia Audiobook is the fourteenth volume of the Eagles of the Empire series by Simon Scarrow. The book once again contains a splendidly constructed Roman Army Chain of Command, along with with that a very informative author’s note, and a superbly explained brief introduction to the Roman Army.

Plot Summary

Roman Britain, AD 52. The western tribes, inspired by the Druids’ hatred of the Romans, prepare to make a stand. But can they match the discipline and courage of the legionaries?

Wounded during a skirmish, Centurion Macro remains behind in charge of the fort as Centurion Cato leads an invasion deep into the hills. Cato’s mission: to cement Rome’s triumph over the natives by crushing the Druid stronghold. But with winter drawing in, the terrain is barely passable through icy rain and snowstorms.

When Macro’s patrols report that the natives in the vicinity of the garrison are thinning out, a terrible suspicion takes shape in the battle-scarred soldier’s mind. Has the acting Governor, Legate Quintatus, underestimated the enemy, his military judgment undermined by ambition? If there is a sophisticated and deadly plan afoot, it’s Cato and his men who will pay the price.

Audiobook Review

Another fantastic read from my favorite author! Britannia Audiobook Mp3 is a audiobook full of inventive action with imaginative skirmishes and major battles of massively different types. I wish he could write faster because I just love reading about Cato and Macro.

There is still enough action in the book and the overall story, namely one heartbreaking moment in the book (talking in a vague sense trying to avoid spoilers) which almost left me in tears, to keep me interested and the overall progression of our two heroes. With Invictus (Eagle, #15) by Simon Scarrow coming later in the year, I hope that will see some conclusion to Rome’s war against the Druids and maybe, perhaps, the succession of Nero to the emperor.

Fully recommended, for this book is in my opinion “Brilliant Britannia”!

Listen and download free!

Narrated by: Jonathan Keeble
Series: Eagles of the Empire, Book 14
Length:12 hrs and 10 mins

Eagles of the Empire – Britannia is now available in audible format, mp3 is about 12 hrs and 10 mins long, yet the narration by Jonathan Keeble is so enticing that you get hooked instantly and keep you up the whole way listening!

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