Cibola Burn audiobook – The Expanse, Book 4

Literature & FictionCibola Burn audiobook - The Expanse, Book 4
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: James S. A. Corey
Narrator: Jefferson Mays
Series: The Expanse
Genre: Literature & Fiction
Updated: 31/01/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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  • 11I The Investigator-741696385Cibola Burn audiobook
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  • 18 Holden-741696322Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 19 Havelock-741696310Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 20 Elvi-741696304Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 21 Basia-741696286Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 22 Havelock-741696259Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 22I The Investigator-741696235Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 23 Holden-741696202Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 24 Elvi-741696181Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 25 Basia-741696166Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 26 Havelock-741696160Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 27 Elvi-741696154Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 28 Basia-741696139Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 29 Holden-741696133Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 30 Elvi-741696124Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 31 Holden-741696115Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 32 Havelock-741696106Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 33 Basia-741696088Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 33I The Investigator-741696079Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 34 Holden-741696073Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 35 Elvi-741696055Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 36 Havelock-741696043Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 37 Elvi-741696040Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 38 Holden-741696037Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 39 Basia-741696028Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 40 Havelock-741696022Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 41 Elvi-741696019Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 42 Havelock-741696016Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 43 Basia-741696007Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 44 Holden-741696001Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 44I The Investigator-741695992Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 45 Havelock-741695980Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 46 Elvi-741695977Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 47 Basia-741695974Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 48 Holden-741695968Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 49 Havelock-741695962Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 50 Elvi-741695956Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 51 Basia-741695947Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 52 Elvi-741695938Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 53 Holden-741695926Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 54 Elvi-741695917Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 54I The Investigator-741695902Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 55 Havelock-741695893Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 56 Holden-741695878Cibola Burn audiobook
  • 57 Epilogue Avasarala-741695869Cibola Burn audiobook
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Cibola Burn Audiobook: A Cosmic Conquest of Survival and the Unknown

As the sun dipped below the horizon, painting a canvas of twilight across my small home office, I settled into my well-worn leather chair. The silence was profound – a rarity in the bustling cityscape outside my window. It was in this stillness that I found myself yearning for an escape to the stars, a journey through the infinite cosmos. And so, I turned to the Cibola Burn Audiobook, eager to be transported once again by the imaginative prowess of James S. A. Corey and the compelling cadence of Jefferson Mays’ narration.

Cibola Burn is not just another chapter in The Expanse series; it’s a pivotal turn in an ever-expanding universe that has captivated me since Leviathan Wakes first graced my ears. As with its predecessors, Cibola Burn entwines political intrigue with human drama against a backdrop so vast that it dwarfs our terrestrial squabbles.

Jefferson Mays returns with his pitch-perfect delivery, bringing life to each character with such finesse that they seem to inhabit my very room. His voice is a beacon guiding listeners through Corey’s intricately woven narrative – one moment soothing as an old friend’s embrace, the next as chilling as the vacuum of space itself.

The story unfolds on Ilus – or New Terra to some – a frontier world brimming with promise and peril alike. Colonists eager for a new start clash with corporate interests determined to exploit the planet’s untapped resources. But beneath their feet lies something ancient and indifferent to their struggles – an alien technology that could either be humanity’s salvation or its undoing.

As tensions escalate between settlers and scientists, between ambition and fear, I found myself drawn deeply into this tale of pioneering spirit gone awry. Corey masterfully captures both the awe-inspiring potential and harrowing isolation of venturing into uncharted territory – themes that resonate profoundly within our own age of exploration and exploitation.

The personal stakes are high; every decision has weighty consequences rippling outwards like shockwaves from an asteroid strike. Through Corey’s vivid prose and Mays’ dynamic performance, characters like Holden, Naomi, Amos, and Alex became more than mere voices – they were companions sharing this treacherous journey through unknown realms.

Listeners can revel in this captivating audiobook experience without spending a dime at – a treasure trove for those who find solace in stories told aloud.

In reflecting upon Cibola Burn’s conclusion – without spoiling its secrets – I am left contemplating our place among the stars. The novel not only entertains but also poses profound questions about our responsibility as stewards of new worlds we might one day call home.

As I power down my audio player, I’m left feeling both fulfilled and insatiable – the hallmark of any great series that knows how to keep its audience on tenterhooks for what comes next. Eagerly awaiting our next narrative adventure, I muse aloud to no one in particular before adding quietly with anticipation thick in my voice, Happy listening.

Until we meet again amongst the pages – or should I say waves? – of sound,



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