Close Your Eyes audiobook – Kendra Michaels, Book 1

MysteryClose Your Eyes audiobook - Kendra Michaels, Book 1
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Iris Johansen, Roy Johansen
Narrator: Elisabeth Rodgers
Series: Kendra Michaels
Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense
Updated: 23/02/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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Close Your Eyes Audiobook: A Symphony of Suspense and Sensory Perception

There are times when an audiobook grips you in such a way that the world around you dissolves into the background, and all that remains is the story whispering in your ears. This was my experience with Close Your Eyes Audiobook, a masterful blend of mystery and suspense crafted by Iris Johansen and Roy Johansen, narrated with exquisite precision by Elisabeth Rodgers. As dusk settled over my small home office, I found myself transported into Kendra Michaels’ world – a world where sound and scent hold more clues than the naked eye can ever perceive.

As a former book author who has dabbled in mysteries myself, I appreciate when a narrative takes me on an unexpected journey. The premise of Close Your Eyes intrigued me from the start: Kendra Michaels, once blind but now sighted thanks to cutting-edge surgery, possesses extraordinary sensory abilities honed during her years without sight. This foundation laid the groundwork for an enthralling character study within a thriller’s framework.

Elisabeth Rodgers’ performance as narrator was nothing short of stellar. Her voice became the conduit through which Kendra’s skills came alive; every inflection and accent painted a vivid picture of our protagonist’s heightened world. It was one of those rare listening experiences where the narrator disappears into the narrative, leaving only the characters to keep you company.

The story itself unfolds with Kendra being reluctantly drawn into a serial killer investigation by Adam Lynch – a man known as Puppetmaster for his manipulative prowess. What begins as resistance from Kendra slowly turns into intrigue as personal stakes rise with her ex-lover’s life hanging in balance. The chemistry between Kendra and Adam is electric, their banter sharp – a dance of intellects that adds depth to their characters.

As I listened through my headphones late into the night, I couldn’t help but marvel at how Iris and Roy Johansen weaved sensory detail into every scene. The crunch of gravel underfoot or the faintest change in tone during dialogue wasn’t just descriptive – it was essential to understanding how Kendra navigates her world.

While some might long for a more romantic denouement to such an intense tale, I found satisfaction in its subtlety – the focus remained steadfastly on unraveling mysteries rather than tying up emotional loose ends. It kept true to its core as a thriller while allowing just enough vulnerability between characters to humanize them amidst chaos.

For those eager to immerse themselves in this auditory adventure, you’ll be pleased to know that Close Your Eyes Audiobook is available for free download at – ready to challenge your perceptions and captivate your senses.

Reflecting on my time spent with Kendra Michaels and her unique abilities has left an indelible mark on me as both a listener and storyteller. The Johansens have crafted not just a mystery but an exploration of what it means to truly listen – to see beyond sight – and Elisabeth Rodgers has brought it all to life with impeccable clarity.

In closing this chapter on Close Your Eyes, I’m reminded why mystery thrillers remain close to my heart – they are puzzles waiting to be solved, stories demanding to be heard, much like music demands an audience. And so it is with anticipation that I look forward to diving headfirst into another auditory enigma.

Eagerly awaiting our next narrative adventure,
Happy listening,


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