Come Sundown audiobook by Nora Roberts

Literature & FictionCome Sundown audiobook by Nora Roberts
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Nora Roberts
Narrator: Elisabeth Rodgers

Genre: Literature & Fiction
Updated: 02/02/2024
Listening Time: Unknown
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Come Sundown Audiobook: Whispers of the Montana Mountains

As the crisp, twilight hues enveloped my reading nook, I nestled into the familiar comfort of my armchair, a pair of headphones resting gently over my ears. The soft click of the play button was the last touch of reality before I plunged into the auditory world crafted by Nora Roberts in Come Sundown. With Elisabeth Rodgers’ voice as my guide, I embarked on a journey through western Montana’s rugged landscapes and tangled family legacies.

Nora Roberts has a knack for painting vivid scenes with her words, and Come Sundown is no exception. The Bodine ranch and resort, sprawling over 30,000 acres, is more than just a backdrop; it’s a living character that breathes life into this tale of suspense, emotion, and resilience. As I listened to Rodgers’ narration, her voice lent an authenticity to each character – bringing out their individual strengths and vulnerabilities with subtle inflections that drew me deeper into their world.

The story weaves together the lives of Bodine Longbow and her kin, highlighting the complex web of family ties that both support and suffocate. But it’s not just about the relationships that bind; it’s about those that break and how they echo through generations. Alice’s disappearance – a specter from the past – hangs over the Longbows like a shroud. When Bodine herself refuses to speak of her vanished aunt, it’s as if she’s trying to banish the ghost that haunts them all. Yet as Alice’s story unfolded in fractured glimpses through Rodgers’ haunting performance, I felt her pain, her loss – and her indomitable spirit.

Suspense threads through each chapter like a cold current under ice. When Callen Skinner discovers a bartender’s body in the snow, that undercurrent breaks to the surface. Accusations fly, trust is tested, and Bodine stands unwavering beside Callen against swirling doubts and danger lurking in the mountains’ shadows. Rodgers captured this tension perfectly – each word delivered with precision to keep me on edge.

Listening to Come Sundown, I was struck by Roberts’ ability to balance intensity with introspection. It prompted me to reflect on my own family ties – the ones that shaped me and those I’ve chosen to forge anew. The audiobook experience added layers to this reflection; Rodgers’ delivery made every emotion palpable as if echoing off the very mountains themselves.

As Elisabeth Rodgers’ voice faded with the final words of Come Sundown, I lingered in silence for a moment longer – letting the weight of this 17-hour journey settle in my thoughts. My heart had raced at every twist; it had swelled with every display of courage and loyalty.

For fellow audiobook aficionados seeking an escape into mystery and raw human connection set against nature’s vast canvas, Come Sundown awaits at – an oasis for immersive listening experiences.

As I peel off my headphones with a satisfied sigh, there’s already an eagerness stirring within me for another narrative adventure – a thirst for tales that challenge and embrace in equal measure. But until then, happy listening!

In anticipation,


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