Covet Audiobook – Crave, Book 3

RomanceCovet Audiobook - Crave, Book 3
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Status: Completed
Version: Unabridged
Author: Tracy Wolff
Narrator: Heather Costa, Tim Paige
Series: Crave
Genre: Romance
Updated: 04/03/2024
Listening Time: 21 hrs and 39 mins
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Covet Audiobook: A Symphony of Shadows and Desires in Paranormal Harmony

As dusk settled over the horizon, my latest audiobook adventure began with Covet, the third enchanting chapter in Tracy Wolff’s Crave series. The twilight hour seemed fitting, as this novel promised to weave a tapestry of darkness, romance, and supernatural intrigue that resonated with my love for mystery and sci-fi, albeit with a paranormal twist. Little did I know, this journey would not only captivate my imagination but also challenge my preconceptions of audiobook storytelling.

From the outset, Covet unfurled its narrative with a blend of familiar characters and new, unexpected twists that beckoned me deeper into its world. Tracy Wolff’s prowess in crafting a universe where fantasy lore intertwines with high-stakes romance was as evident as ever. Yet, it was the dual narration by Heather Costa and Tim Paige that promised to elevate the experience into something uniquely auditory.

While Costa’s performance added layers of emotion and depth to the characters, bringing their struggles and triumphs to life with palpable sincerity, Paige’s portrayal – especially his voicing of Hudson – proved more divisive. The attempt at an accent for Hudson teetered on the brink of distraction rather than immersion. Despite this, their combined efforts painted a vivid soundscape that oscillated between enchantment and dissonance – a reflection of the story’s own duality.

Diving into Covet without having savored its predecessors would be akin to stepping into a river without knowing its depth or currents. The rich backstory and character development laid out in the first two books provide essential context that enriches the narrative soil from which Covet blooms. This installment not only rewards loyal followers of the Crave series but also extends an inviting hand to newcomers willing to embark on an epic binge-listening odyssey.

The story itself is a labyrinthine garden of shocking revelations, intricate fantasy lore, and passionate encounters that ensnare the listener. Each chapter unfurls like petals revealing hidden thorns beneath – testaments to Wolff’s skill in balancing beauty with peril. My journey through this audiobook was akin to wandering through an enchanted forest; each turn revealed wonders and dangers in equal measure, compelling me ever onward.

Yet, amidst this symphony of shadows and desires, it was impossible to overlook the dissonance caused by certain aspects of the narration. While not wholly detracting from the story’s allure, moments of mediocrity in audio performance occasionally dimmed the brilliance of Wolff’s literary composition. This dichotomy served as a reminder that in audiobooks, both pen and voice wield power – the former crafts worlds while the latter breathes life into them.

In conclusion, Covet stands as a testament to Tracy Wolff’s mastery over paranormal romance – a genre that demands both heart and imagination from its disciples. Despite its auditory imperfections, this audiobook remains a beacon for those yearning for an escape into realms where love battles darkness at every turn. Available for download at, it beckons listeners to immerse themselves in its depths.

As I close this chapter on Covet, my anticipation for future explorations into uncharted storyscapes only grows stronger. To fellow adventurers seeking refuge in tales spun from whispers and dreams: Happy listening.

With eager anticipation,


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